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Crystal and M met in Upstate NY during the spring of 2007. Before serendipitously both deciding to move back to their home towns they had previously been living separate lives all over the country.

Crystal left Upstate NY in the fall of 1999 to start her freshman year at Emerson College in Boston. After spending four years in beantown, she moved to hipster capital of the world: Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2003. While living in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn (back then it was definitely still a hood), Crystal worked at a small independent record label and adopted her first dog: Milo! Eventually, Crystal had enough of big city living and decided to pack up Milo and head back home to Upstate NY.

M had left and returned to Upstate NY several times in the same few years. Some moves had him heading south to Memphis, others all the way across the country to Los Angeles. Ultimately, he returned to Upstate NY just a few months earlier than Crystal had.  It took about a year before their paths would cross, and another year before they moved in together and adopted their first cat together: Styles. Six months later, the opportunity to adopt their second cat, Miyagi, came along. 

On September 26, 2011, M made Crystal the happiest girl on the planet by proposing, you can read the story here.

After months on searching for the right pup, on October 16, 2011, Crystal and M adopted an English Bulldog / Pug mix puppy, and took several weeks to settle on the name Emmett.

On Halloween 2011, Crystal and M had a small city hall wedding, surrounded by friends and family.

Crystal works for the best company on the planet: Etsy! She is also a photographer and runs a shop on Etsy.

M is an arcade game aficionado and bass player for the band, Severe Severe.

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