Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Hi, my name is Rhianne and as well as writing and taking photos for my blog For the easily distracted... I also sell my photos in my Etsy shop. In 2009 I brought my first film camera: a holga 135bc and my life changed, now I take at least two film cameras around with me everywhere I go and I love nothing more than sharing how I see the world through my cameras and my prints.


Femmena Mala Shop is an Etsy shop that I have just started. I sell handmade (by me, for you!) fabric button jewelry and hairpins using thrifted vintage fabric. I'm really excited because this is my first go at selling something I have made on my own. Femmena Mala Blog is just a space for me to write about me, or whatever interests me. Most of the time it's my new teaching job, my two Chihuahua puppies, and my awesome boyfriend. I really value you it as an outlet for my thoughts and inspiration, and for gathering input from friends that I have made via the internet. I would love to see you around! 


The coupon code CAPOW will get your readers 15% off :) 

Hello, I’m Christina Marie.  I’m just a twenty-four year old wife, who views the world through the lens of my camera.  I’m a mother to five, furry, four-legged babies.  I’m also a foster home to animals who needs a second chance at life.  I believe all dogs to heaven and that love can concur all.


Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dear Summer,
How are you almost over?! August next week? Really? I feel like you haven't even begun yet!

Dear Central Air,
You saved me the past few days. Thanks!

Dear Hair,
I don't know what I'm doing with you. Red now, blonde soon? We'll see.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Em and Roxy

Hello friends! My name is Em, over at Pushups with Polish. I'd like to introduce you to this little pup...ROXY!

I would like to thank Paris Hilton for the reason why I craved a small dog in my teens. The idea that I could take my little friend anywhere (possibly sneak her into school) appealed to me so much. With this in mind, I would often stop by the pet store after school, before swim practice, hoping that a little friend would find me. Well she did, with one tilt of her head…a week before my 17th birthday. Because of this convenient timing, she became the perfect present, and reason to convince my parents why I needed little Roxy ohh so bad. After a little begging and even some “promises” of extra chores, Roxy became part of the family, actually… maybe the third child.

Roxy is very loyal, probably due to the fact that she considers herself human. Anyways, there is nothing better than coming home to her greeting me. She gets so excited, gives tons of kisses, and dances around. It could be argued that she is a better dance than me! It’s like she hasn’t seen me in ages. It’s the same routine if I’m gone for 10 minutes or a few days. It’s especially comforting after a long day or a tough practice.

I highly suggest Rat Terriers for anyone looking for a dog or a character. Roxy is a clown; there isn’t a day where she doesn’t make me laugh. I didn’t know much about Rat Terriers, let alone heard of the breed before I got Roxy (let’s be real, the name “Rat Terrier” is kind of unfortunate…)

Rat Terriers make great dogs if you want an “in between” size dog (she’s about 13 pounds) and doesn’t shed or bark much either.  Lastly, they are extremely smart; try hiding a toy from Roxy and she will find it within a matter of minutes. The only real “hiccup” I would say about her was that she was a little harder than my other dogs to housebreak. Rat Terriers are great little friends who are always by your side to keep you loads of company, especially while blogging!

Visit Em & Roxy over at Pushups with Polish

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 M and I saw the most amazing fireworks a couple of weeks ago.

 It was the weekend AFTER the 4th of July.

 It lasted over an hour.

 It was totally epic.

 And it was in a tiny Upstate NY town.

 I know where we'll be seeing our summer fireworks from now on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

July sponsor giveaway

We are Beca & Doug. We are southern babies transplanted to the beautiful city of San Diego. We must be on a perma-vacation since the beach is 10 minutes away, the weather is perfect and we are able to live out our dreams. The skateboarding is great for the mister, the dogs are happy and I get to make cake all day long! Life is good!

As crazy as it may be, Doug makes Sunglasses full time, and I am a pastry chef, although our sunglasses biz is pretty much a full time gig for me too, now. We also deal in vintage treasure, but we've had to put it on hold for the time being.

We find inspiration everywhere! Going to walks in Balboa Park, people watching, taking day trips, reading blogs, dreams! Everything! 

Our favorites change constantly, but I am currently obsessed with reading the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Bravetart, Moorea Seal's blog, perfecting macaronage, making fruit smoothies, Super 8 {the movie} and sewing sunglasses bags! There are also the constants. We love South Park, Wu-Tang, road trips, A Beautiful Mess, Dainty Squid, Bakerella, Bike rides, our pack of pups and BBQs. 

Thank Crystal for letting us be a part of your blog this month! 
We would love to offer a 10% discount to your blog readers. 
Just use the etsy coupon code WINDSHIELD for 10% off your purchase!

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Hey! I’m Brooke. Originally from Indiana, but I moved to Texas to go to school. Then, I married a Texan and made a home. My education is in photography, and I am moments away from completing my Masters in Education. Yeah! I was recently hired as a Junior English teacher at one of the high schools here in town and I am totally stoked! I also shoot portraits and weddings, and pictures just for giggles.

My original art form is journals. I’ve kept journals since before high school. But during high school, they evolved. I collaged pages and wrote tidbits instead of full sentences. My dad gave me a copy of Sabrina Ward Harrison’s Spilling Open for my 19th birthday. Flipping through the pages of her journal created a sense of belonging for me. I knew I wasn’t alone in my crazy over-analytical ways.

But like most bloggers/crafters, we try our hand at all kinds of crafts. Besides journaling, I’m an avid crocheter. I love being able to complete a scarf while watching a movie with my husband. I love creating collages and playing with spray inks. Too Much Fun!!

Inspiration comes from everything. The world is full of so many ideas. The blogosphere is just full of so many creative people, and it provides a wonderful community for people to share ideas. I love reading. There could be a single sentence or quote that sparks an idea.

Current Favs:
Music- Passion Pit, A Fine Frenzy, Fleet Foxes, Sia, and The Black Ghosts
TV- Weeds, Ghost Adventures, Glee, Project Runway
Movies- Frida, Amelie, Pride and Prejudice, New World (it’s just beautiful), The Darjeeling Limited, An Education
Books- The Hunger Games Trilogy, A Stranger in A Strange Land, Pride, Prejudice & Zombies

Websites- Beside everything in my Google Reader
Cheyenne meets Chanel -
…Love Maegan  -
Paper ‘n’ Stitch -

I am very blessed to be surrounded by strong female role models within my beautiful family. My loving aunt who lived on Lake Michigan in a house that I thought was the greatest place on earth would take us for walks on the beach to gather sea glass, drift wood, and anything else we could find. We would take back our treasures and create works of art. I never watched TV at her house, and I never wanted to. She made it her priority to fuel our creativity. As children we put on plays, performed rain dances around fires, and played in the forest for hours. She told me years later, “Brooke Ann, the world gives us everything we need to create beauty; we just need to keep our eyes open.”

It’s her advice I pass on to you…Keep your eyes open.

Visit Brooke:

Brooke is giving away an Original 4x6 mini-collage from the upcoming Love Speaks Series!

How To Enter:
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

This week...

...for the first time in a while, got an ice cream cone so big I couldn't finish it!
...went through our belongings and got rid of over 5 garbage bags full of stuff.
...commuting and working
...and waiting.
...homemade piƱa coladas!
...breakfast & thrifting date

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dear Bulldog Puppy,
So...I guess we're not getting you as soon as we thought we might. But we know that everything happens for a reason, and you will come into our life exactly when you are meant to. Until then, we'll be dreaming about you every day!

Dear Self,
Time to stop being so tired all the time and get back into some Insanity workouts. Your flabby belly will thank you.

Dear Victoria Secret,
You stopped making my favorite lotion ever (Beauty Rush Coconut Craze). I'm very upset. I don't know how I can possibly go on without it. All the other coconut lotions scents do not compare.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Punk, Asa, Kai and Danielle

 meet punk. [yes punk is her name] she is a lab/sheltie mix and came into our lives about 8 years ago.

this is her 8 years ago! :] isn't she cute?

she was adopted by my husband and she is primarily HIS dog.

they are BEST buds! and she usually ONLY listens to him! :] which is fine with me!

I remember when I first moved back to Missouri how she was very leery of me and even bit my face once. 
Those days are long gone, and she is my baby now too... but she is definitely a territorial dog with an attitude!

She is the most regal and beautiful dog I've ever loved.

Two years later we adopted ASA!!! she is MY baby!

she is wild and crazy. her tail never wags in the same direction and if you tell her to speak she will grunt repeatedly because she's nuts!

here she is as a puppy:
 i found her at the humane society covered in poop with a masking tape collar around her neck. she was shivering in a corner and i saw her. i pulled her out of the cage, scooped her into my arms and never looked back. i wanted to name her "pooper" but brett did not agree. haha! needless to say we chose a great name for my baby!

punk INSTANTLY fell in love with Asa!
They have been best friends ever since!!!

Last but not least, pup #3.

Meet Kai!

About a year and a half ago I was in the front yard very early in the morning. (right before i gave up smoking) and this random dog was walking around.
she was starved half to death, she couldn't even sit down right because she was so malnourished. she was scared, abused and starving.

she followed me to the backyard and i gave her food, and then later gave her a bath and a warm crate. a year and a half later she is a wonderful part of our family and we love her so much.
since we've had her she is no longer scared of tile flooring, she LOVES to howl... you wouldn't even believe it. this dog howls more than some people talk.

she gained about 20 lbs and prances around in the snow. it's amazing what a little love can do for a dog.

Thank you, Danielle for telling us all about Punk, Asa, and Kai!
If you're not familiar with Danielle, you should be! You can check out her awesome photoblog, Sublime Lite and her great new etsy shop, Flourish!

If you would like to write a featured guest post about your pet for Blogging Buddies, please email us!
windshielddiaries at gmail dot com

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

conservation area picnic

 As you may know, I started a new full time job last week. Not only is it a new job, but it's a new job at the only company in the world that I REALLY wanted to work for. So, I guess you could call it a dream job.

 You may be wondering why I'm showing photos of this beautiful picnic while writing about my new job...well, the reason is that we were taken for a picnic lunch last week to this beautiful conservation area.

 It was the perfect day, this thermometer is the proof.

 I wasn't planning on swimming, I was too busy being grateful for this beautiful lunch we were sharing out in nature!

 The pond had dozens of new little frogs! This guy on the left is so new that he still has his tadpole tail!

We didn't use this fire pit, but I loved how old and rustic it looked, so I had to take a photo.

When I lost my job back in March, I felt like 2011 was going to be my worst year yet. As one of my friends put it, this year seems to be a make it or break it year for a lot of people we know. After being unemployed for almost four months, I got the terrific news of this new job. Now that I have worked there for a week, I can't imagine ever working anywhere else. 

2011 is turning around for us.

I don't just feel lucky...
I AM lucky.