Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don't forget, we moved!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to stop by my old stomping grounds to remind y'all that we moved to wordpress on our own domain. Please update your RSS feed to our new place:

See you there!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Movin' on up!

Hi friends! Windshield Diaries is leaving it's home and blogspot. It's been a great 3.5 years, but it's time to move over to my own domain! You can get to us via, or get to the blog directly via this link!

Please update your readers and bookmarks! See you there!


 Little Piggly Wiggly

 Mike's healing tattoo, detail.

 Could you guys possible get any closer?


Ok, Styles. You can be cute sometimes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My version vs. Mike's version of what I look like in the morning.

I've been making lots of vegan recipes lately, I've been working on making a crocheted afghan, and I pulled out an old unfinished quilt with the intentions of finishing it within the next few weekends.

The SPRING! I'm definitely over the winter.

About my ancestry. I signed up for an account and started building the family tree. I wish I could find more than just names.

Listening to:
I've been very uninspired by music lately. I've been listening to a lot of 70s/80s punk/new wave on Pandora and Spotify.

I got a Hello Apparel sweatshirt that I am loving, and I also picked up a couple of jeans from Target on clearance - one pair is teal, the other chartreuse!

So glad The Walking Dead is back. I've also started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It's become a guilty pleasure.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walking in Nemo

 The day after Nemo sort of hit our little city, I went on a walk with my friend Amanda to the park near our house to take a look at the snow. There were fewer photo opportunities than I had hoped for, but it was quite the workout climbing the hills of Prospect Park. 

 Except for a family with a few kids sledding down the hill near the entrance, the park was empty. We walked through the snow to the two overlooks in Prospect Park.

 The first overlook faces south. You can see the Albany skyline from here as well as South Troy. I didn't get a good picture of the skyline, but this photo above makes South Troy look like a quaint little town.

 The other overlook faces west and has views of Downtown Troy, and across the Hudson river. The bridge in the left side of the photo is the Congress Street Bridge that connects Downtown Troy to Watervliet. 

 We looped back around to the abandoned pool and tennis court area of the park and came across these unshoveled, unscaled stairs.

Walking through the park made me realize that I don't visit it enough and need to make more of an effort to take advantage of this place more often. It really is a hidden gem of our little city.