Saturday, February 27, 2010

this week...

... finally joined I don't know WHY I waited so long! friend me if you're a member!
...was yelled at by a co-worker for turning down a ferro roche hazelnut chocolate (one of my favs). willpower. of. STEEL!!!!!
...came home from work to find that the sink decided to drain into the dishwasher and that the dishwasher decided to collect all the nasty water and let it spill out onto the floor. did I mention this happened a day before a predicted 3 day snowpocalypse?
...was mesmerized by watching goose feather sized snowflakes fall outside my office window.
...washed our dishes in the bathroom sink.
...wednesday was a snow day, I could get used to a monday, tuesday, thursday, friday work schedule :)
...getting psyched on my workout routine

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Friday, February 26, 2010

happy birthday m

two years ago, rainbow wrangler and i made m a nintendo controller birthday cookie-cake

last year, m got his face smashed into his german chocolate birthday cake by his friends

what will this year's celebration bring?

happy birthday m, i love you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

vintage signs

one thing i love is to wander around and photograph vintage signs. this is one of my favorites in troy, ny.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been tagged by My Name Is Michael!

The rules of this tag are:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.
ooooh boy. this is our friend john. this was in 2008, taken in the parking lot before a cheap trick/heart/journey concert. he was dressing for the time period of the hey day of the performing bands. sorry john!

aaaaaaaannnnnnd....YOU'RE IT!


Monday, February 22, 2010

granny square afghan = dunzo



i don't remember how long this took me...i know i started it some time after meeting kelly and learning that she it's been at least since...august? september? a loooooong time, but it's DONE!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

always, sometimes, never

Laura from The Madness of Mundanity has challenged other bloggers to complete the following sentences:

I always ...
I sometimes ...
I never ...

Once you've completed these sentences, link back to her post and then comment telling her you did and you will be entered to win this awesome giveaway!

i always...
try to be polite.
stay up way later than i should when i need to get up the next morning.
procrastinate on things i don't really want to do.

i sometimes...
feel a little more cynical than i should.
get too lazy for my own good.
"forget" to do things on purpose.

i never...
do my laundry when i should, i let it pile up in the corner til m can't stand it.
make enough time for my friends, i'm constantly working on my own projects in my free time.
have any "disposable income," i need to pay off the credit card balances.

this week...

...had a very uncomfortable Monday thanks to someone else's inappropriate weekend behavior
...started a new infamously hard exercise regimen...every muscle in my body aches. and I love it!
...what is WITH people who get TOO CLOSE to you in line? I had a lady literally ram her cart into my ass, what IS that!?! why do you need to be so close to me? to spend all of wednesday with m & the cats, it made me happy.
...baked my first spaghetti squash, m &\ I loved it! it's definitely going to become a staple.
...finally finished my grannie square afghan! (photos to come)
...I've had a very busy couple of weeks and have been slacking on commenting on all your awesome posts, I read them all in my google reader every day, but I'm going to try to be better at actually commenting on them. please accept my apologies!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

in honor of our most recent obsession

the funniest part about us wanting a bulldog? when i was 4 or 5 i used to have a recurring nightmare that there was a gang of skateboard riding bulldogs in my neighorhood that would chase me. i was so scared of this dream, and therefore scared of bulldogs. and now i can't wait to have one of my own!

ps: the skateboarding bulldogs in my nightmare all wore helmets. they were very safety conscious!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

owl are you?

this is one of my favorite things in our apartment. i think he's the cutest owl ever!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hi, my name is styles


hi, my name is styles, and i am the most awkward cat that has ever existed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bulldog crazy

m and i have been following rockstar diaries for a while now, but when naomi and josh adopted little kingsley right around christmas it became more of an obsession. we check for new kingsley pictures every day, we went to the mall *just* to play with an english bulldog puppy that they had in the pet shop, and we're making lists of names for the bulldog puppy we're dreaming of adopting once we have our own house. i can't get enough!

the pup that started it all, Naomi & Josh's Kingsley!



Monday, February 15, 2010

our valentines day

my valentine from miss ashley, hanging on our fridge

m had to work pretty much all afternoon and night, so we decided to celebrate valentines day with breakfast at our favorite diner.

french toast! yummm!


 of course, in honor of valentines day, i had to do this to my french toast:

hope you were able to spend your valentines day with the ones you love!
capow & m

Saturday, February 13, 2010

this week...

...almost had my Sunday ruined when the mean lady at the pet shop told us we couldn't play with the bulldog puppy unless we were going to buy him. I'm sure he'd rather sit in his cage all afternoon than play with us for a few minutes :( crafty with friendlybrown
...listed a bunch of new photos in my etsy shop
...assembled grannies to make way for a new project
...went to the mall with m and played with the bulldog puppy at the petshop!!
...had MAJOR snow envy
...and major puppies on the brain!
...started an office bootcamp with 2 coworkers: we go up and down the 5 flights of stairs in the building every hour on the hour. my thighs are killing me!
...90s R&B party all day Friday at work

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

dinner with MaMii

m and i took his mother out to dinner at pf changs before she left town to go back to florida. these were our fortunes:
m- you will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter
MaMii - a small gift can bring joy to the whole family.
CAPow- keep true to the dreams of your youth.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

capow on etsy

i don't usually pimp my etsy shop here, but i'm really psyched about my new photo series, and i wanted to share it with you all. you can find these and a TON more in the CAPow! shop





many more cities, and many more sayings to come, keep your eyes on the shop for updates!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

styles time

after yesterday's miyagi feature, it's only fair to give styles some equal time. m and i had been together about a year, we moved in together, and we decided we needed a cat. we both missed having pets around. m insisted we get a male, black and white kitten. so i began scouring craigslist for a kitten matching that description when i came across this photo:

a little black and white boy...with a HEART on his foot! i decided we had to have him, this was OUR cat! so we went and picked him up a few days later. 

from day one he was a daddy's boy.

he loved his bed, and almost 2 years later, he still sleeps in this same bed every day!

he's a quirky little guy, but we still love him.

all growed up, sleeping in his baby bed!

Monday, February 8, 2010

miggy memories

i have been watching a lot of animal planet lately, and after the puppy bowl extravaganza, i want to be surrounded by puppies and kittens! so i thought i would do a little reminiscing with some of miyagi's baby pictures!

miyagi is the only kitten in a litter of one. he is the son of my parent's neighbor's cat. we got to meet him when he was just six days old! he fit in the palm of my hand. in this picture, we came to check in on him at 4 weeks. he was ridiculously adorable!

miyagi is a pure bred balinese, he's loved to cuddle EVERYONE he meets from day one. he's about 10 weeks old here, cuddling up with m.

styles wasn't too thrilled when we brought miyagi home, i think he wanted to remain an only child.

our good friend kurt took this picture. it's one of my favorites because miyagi looks so tiny! he's grown up to be a lot bigger than this! he's definitely bigger than styles now!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

this week...

.....spent an entire day editing photos and still didn't finish them all
...M & I saw Avatar, we're probably two of the last people on the planet to see it.
....came up with a new way to use my granny squares
...baked cupcakes (from scratch) for the office potluck
...was psyched for (and confused by) the Lost premiere
...didn't get to the gym NEARLY enough
...resisted office snack temptations like a CHAMP ("Oreos? No thank you!")
...bought in to my first super bowl pool
...rediscovered my hate for people who work in customer service and refuse to be competent at their jobs

...and last but not least, m & I are celebrating a windshielddiaries milestone: this week we welcomed our 100th follower! thank you all for reading and your lovely comments! we love you all!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

lunch break walk about

i took a walk on my lunch break and came across this window display at the troy bike rescue.

the one building in troy that i absolutely ADORE.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

getting crafty

my friend kelly and i got crafty together. she worked on fingerless gloves for her awesome shop, friendly brown, while i worked on my granny squares. it was awesome.