Saturday, February 27, 2010

this week...

... finally joined I don't know WHY I waited so long! friend me if you're a member!
...was yelled at by a co-worker for turning down a ferro roche hazelnut chocolate (one of my favs). willpower. of. STEEL!!!!!
...came home from work to find that the sink decided to drain into the dishwasher and that the dishwasher decided to collect all the nasty water and let it spill out onto the floor. did I mention this happened a day before a predicted 3 day snowpocalypse?
...was mesmerized by watching goose feather sized snowflakes fall outside my office window.
...washed our dishes in the bathroom sink.
...wednesday was a snow day, I could get used to a monday, tuesday, thursday, friday work schedule :)
...getting psyched on my workout routine

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  1. I am in training, I am going to eat the most Ferrero Rochers in one minute. The current Guiness record is seven. It's not as easy as it looks! But nice willpower :)

  2. sorry about the sink. amazing willpower you have! good for you! was concerned about ravelry since I thought it would be another online diversion, which I don't need. But just checked out, and thankfully I can't knit or crochet a lick. yet.


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