Monday, February 8, 2010

miggy memories

i have been watching a lot of animal planet lately, and after the puppy bowl extravaganza, i want to be surrounded by puppies and kittens! so i thought i would do a little reminiscing with some of miyagi's baby pictures!

miyagi is the only kitten in a litter of one. he is the son of my parent's neighbor's cat. we got to meet him when he was just six days old! he fit in the palm of my hand. in this picture, we came to check in on him at 4 weeks. he was ridiculously adorable!

miyagi is a pure bred balinese, he's loved to cuddle EVERYONE he meets from day one. he's about 10 weeks old here, cuddling up with m.

styles wasn't too thrilled when we brought miyagi home, i think he wanted to remain an only child.

our good friend kurt took this picture. it's one of my favorites because miyagi looks so tiny! he's grown up to be a lot bigger than this! he's definitely bigger than styles now!


  1. Oh, I love them when their babies. They're so cute!

  2. This made me look back at the baby kitten pictures of my cats... sooo cute!

  3. there is nothing cuter than a new kitten.

  4. Thank you for warm post and kittie love. xo

  5. Ohhh he's so cute!!!! Those pictures are too precious.

  6. so very cute!!! I love a good cuddle cat!


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