Tuesday, February 9, 2010

styles time

after yesterday's miyagi feature, it's only fair to give styles some equal time. m and i had been together about a year, we moved in together, and we decided we needed a cat. we both missed having pets around. m insisted we get a male, black and white kitten. so i began scouring craigslist for a kitten matching that description when i came across this photo:

a little black and white boy...with a HEART on his foot! i decided we had to have him, this was OUR cat! so we went and picked him up a few days later. 

from day one he was a daddy's boy.

he loved his bed, and almost 2 years later, he still sleeps in this same bed every day!

he's a quirky little guy, but we still love him.

all growed up, sleeping in his baby bed!


  1. oh my goooodness! he has a heart on his foot! that's the cutest thing ever. is the heart still there now that he's older? there used to be a horse right down the street from my house that had a huge heart on her side. her name was sweetheart.. not very creative i guess, but i though it was adorable. :)

  2. what a CUTIE! both your kitties are just precious :) i wish we could get another cat... but our little Mimi is a handful just on her own, i'm not sure we could deal! their personalities are astounding, aren't they?

  3. Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love! I can't believe he has a heart on his foot! How precious is that???!!!

  4. How cute, I've never seen an animal with a heart! You've got a pretty special kitty!

  5. the heart on his foot tops all, very neat! our little kitty man is a daddy's boy too, i get so jealous that they snuggle together so much, haha.

  6. I think i have died and gone to cute kitty everywhere heaven. i really love the heart he has- its so very wonderfully placed. what a loving detail :)
    looks like he lucked out and found a wonderful home.
    Best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose


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