Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Before and after...sort of.

 In a few weeks it will be the one year anniversary of buying our house. It's crazy how fast this year has gone! In the year, we've fixed a lot of things, but mostly non-cosmetic. Last week M and I talked about painting a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. I had a rare Saturday off this weekend, and we decided we would paint the chalkboard wall....only before we headed out the door to Home Depot, M started looking up vintage kitchen color schemes online and picking out wall colors. Before we knew it, we had committed to painting the first room in the house.

 I say 'before and after...sort of' because this is NOT the finished product. We still have to paint the top half of the walls, repaint the white trim, and most importantly: replace those ugly floors.

 We had been waiting to make any cosmetic changes because we figured we would just save up until we could renovate the entire room. I'm glad we decided just to go for it. It will be a while until we can afford to totally re-do the bathroom and kitchen, so until then why not make it at least a little more cosmetically pleasing?

 For the paint and new floor tiles, we've spent less than $250. And our kitchen will look like a completely new kitchen once we are done. Totally worth the money and time.

Just painting this much, it looks so much better already. I can't wait to see how it looks when we're really finished!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A day at the track

 A couple of weekends back, M and I got up early and hit the track for the first time this summer. In case you missed the article I wrote for the local blog, All Over Albany, you can catch up here and read all about why it is key to get there early!

 We got our picnic table and got down to making our picks for the day.

 I based my picks on the top two jockeys and the trainer I like. These picks didn't let me down. I mostly bet Show bets, and every race I bet I walked away with something. Enough to keep be in the black all day and allow for one big bet on my pick of the day: a horse in the last race trained by my favorite trainer and ridden by one of the top two jockeys. My reasoning was this combination meant this horse couldn't lose. So I placed a $10 Win/Place/Show bet (which costs $30 to place).  I took my ticket to the rail and held my breath.

My pick won the race! His odds weren't spectacular, but he netted me a $45 profit. All in all a winning day in my book.

Friday, July 27, 2012


 I sprinkled some Johnny-Jump-Up seeds in my yard because they remind me of my mom and grandma. This is the first little guy to bloom!

 MAJOR yar sale score! I've wanted one of these for years!

 Not a happy camper on this day. Stressed out about everything!

 So, it's totally normal for a company to celebrate it's 7th birthday with a bouncy castle, right?

 Emmett doesn't like mornings either. Most days I have to peel him out of his bed.

 Feeling happy and content after spending the day with family, friends, sunshine, and horses!

Realized the Snowman is a little too rich for my blood. I'm sticking with fro-yo from now on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Car Show

 Two weekends ago, M and I stumbled upon a giant classic car show while we were out garage sale-ing and we had to stop.

 M and I both have an appreciation for old cars, though my taste is beginning to border on antique.

 We decided that 'some day when we're rich' (haha) we'll buy me my dream car: '55 Chevy Bel Air.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a break

We have a lot of fun things to share with you, but this week I've felt so overwhelmed with responsibility that I decided to take a break from blogging until next week. I'm really looking forward to coming back refreshed, and using some of this spare time to catch up on reading your blogs! See you soon!

Friday, July 13, 2012


 1. Busy filling orders 2. New Saltwaters!

 1. You can barely see her, but my brooklyn bestie came to town  2. 4th of July sushi

 1. Begging to be allowed on the bed 2. 'merika

 1. Waiting for my ladies 2. Moonrise Kingdom, finally!

 1. Beautiful wedding window display 2. Hanging around the fire with friends til 3am

1. Amanda's staircase planter garden 2. Emmett LOVES his giant tennis ball

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scenes from a wedding weekend, pt. 1

 Our dear friends got married a few weeks ago in Stockbridge MA, here are some glimpses into our weekend.