Friday, July 6, 2012


 1. Campfires are the best part of summer 2. Sunsets on the Lake are the best part of summer

 1. Nap 2. On a walk

 1. Ice Ice Baby 2. Stuck in construction traffic

 1. Typical night at home 2. Vintage Emmetts reading the paper

 1. Went out for cat food and got stuck in traffic 2. Hungry Cats

 1. Beware of Dog 2. Present from Husband

 1. Intruder in our yard 2. Nap wherever

 1. Upstate NY can be pretty 2. Peanutbutter lover's dream

1. Self portrait for #photoadayjuly 2. 40lb lap dog


  1. great photos! i love the ones of the campfire and the sunset... and those adorable puppy and kitty faces :)

  2. love this! love your summer pics

  3. the ice ice baby sign just cracks me up, and seeing that I have an affinity for peanut butter the ice cream pic has my mouth watering.


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