Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy anniversary

Happy Anniversary, M!
4 years have gone by so fast, and I've loved every second of it! 
You make every day the best day of my life! <3

Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial day

To my grandfather, who served in World War II, and all the men and women who served before and after him. Thank you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week...

...saw my little sister graduate college!
...took a 2 hour power nap to try to catch up on sleep, it was glorious.
...saw M's band play their last local show before they leave on tour in 2ish weeks.
...ice cream date with M & my soon to be moving bestie.
...exciting email that will hopefully lead to bigger and better things!
...4 viewings down, how many more til we find "the one?"
...step one complete, on to step two!
...last night on the town before bestie moves to Brooklyn.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Dear Bestie,
I'm really sad to be packing your things into a U-Haul this weekend, but really happy that even though you are moving away, it is still close enough to visit often. I'm so excited for you and all of your new opportunities! ...and the fact that I now have a free place to crash in Brooklyn isn't too bad either ;)

Dear Apartment,
I would really love it if you could not smell like cigarette smoke all the time. Neither M, no I smoke. Yet every day we come home and you reek of cigarettes. It's kind of a drag...no pun intended.

Dear Summer,
You are going to be awesome. I can feel it already!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hometown Hearts: Detroit, MI

Hey there CAPow readers! I’m Mandy of GingerMandy (http://www.gingermandy.com), a freelance writer living just outside Detroit, MI. I’ve grown up in the metro Detroit area all my life and have lived all over the tri-county area. Regardless of which suburb I’m finding myself stuck living in with my family, Detroit is “home” and my true love when it comes to big cities. You might be wondering what in the world is so special about Detroit, but if you’re from the area, you understand the feeling of “what ISN’T special about it?” Between our art, history, culture, food and music scene, we’re the cat’s pajamas. Sure, we’re busy picking ourselves up from economic downfall, but that’s one more thing that makes it so inspiring for young artists and entrepreneurs. In Detroit, you’re noticed. The city NEEDS you, and since none of us can find jobs, we might as well create them ourselves. Abandoned buildings are being turned into theatres, salons, bakeries, bars, and boutiques. Here are some of my favorite happenings in the fabulous Motor City:

1. Motor City Brewing Works (http://www.motorcitybeer.com) - We’re not just known for coney dogs in Detroit (more on those later), it’s all about beer, too. One of the most popular brews is Ghettoblaster, a mild ale known as “the beer you can hear”, an ongoing tribute to Detroit’s music scene. The brewery even releases compilation discs of local music on occasion. Their Pale Ale is good too but if you come to Detroit and don’t have a Ghettoblaster you’re dead to me.

2. Detroit Flyhouse (http://www.detroitflyhouse.com) - I discovered the Flyhouse performers while at an art show a year or so ago and immediately had to sign up for classes. Micha, the owner, is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met (and has wicked muscles, too). Not only is it an amazing experience to transform your body by doing Cirque Du Soleil type tricks, but it’s a positive environment with other people who love to be “flying” in the air and upside down. 

3. Slow’s Bar B Q (http://www.slowsbarbq.com) - I don’t eat pork and I’m not a fan of barbecue flavored food, but Slows is a major exception. Their sandwiches explode with filling and drip with sauce, and they don’t exclude vegetarians, either. The Genius sandwich is for veggies who don’t want to be left out, and their mac ‘n cheese will give you a foodgasm. No really. Foodgasm. You’ll die. They also do a lot for the city, selling locally brewed beers and working with local charity events.

4. Lemonade: Detroit (http://www.lemonadedetroit.com) - Lemonade: Detroit is (these details taken from their website) “a film about the disarming resilience of a city that can no longer rely on a single industry for its livelihood, and the entrepreneurial strengths of those who are reinventing themselves and their communities. Instead of sensationalizing blight, “Lemonade, Detroit” will sensationalize hope, told through the intensely personal stories of those who are turning the city into what it will become.”
Erik Proulx is the creater of Lemonade: Detroit, raising funds by encouraging everyone to buy a frame and become an IMDB-accredited movie producer. For $1/frame, it’s an inexpensive, easy and exciting way to be a part of something that will (hopefully) span the globe and encourage people to visit Detroit and realize it’s much more than what’s seen on the news. One of my favorite authors OF ALL TIME, Hugh MacLeod, even created this limited edition print to raise funds for the project. Badass.

5. The Dirty Show (http://www.dirtydetroit.com) - (NSFW) - I like art that makes you uncomfortable. I like naked people. I like burlesque dancers, suspension acts, freaks and geeks. Those are some of millions of reasons why I could name The Dirty Show as my favorite Detroit art exhibit of the year. If you’ve been dying to go look at erotic art while dragging your boyfriend or girlfriend behind you on a leash, here’s your chance. I'm pretty sure this show is in other parts of the country as well. The Dirty Show is special to me because it holds the only time in my life where I legitimately could not tell whether someone was a man or a woman.

6. Lafayette and American Coney Island (http://www.americanconeyisland.com) - The coney dog has been a favorite of Detroiters for years. Lafayette and American Coney Island are the two most popular Coney restaurants in the city, located right next door to one another and owned by two brothers (one owns each). Skin-cased hot dogs in a warm, steamed bun topped with chili, mustard and onions. Once again, foodgasm.

7. Detroit Riverwalk (http://www.detroitriverfront.org) - The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy is a non-profit dedicated to bringing enjoyable public access to Detroit’s riverwalk area. Whether you want to go for an evening stroll after dinner, walk your dog in the morning, go for a run around the city or even do yoga on the river in the summer, this is the perfect place to go and unwind. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the pleasant peninsula of Michigan while still in the midst of a beautiful downtown area. I know, I sound like a personals ad for the state of Michigan.

I could probably name 20 more places and probably left out things that other Detroiters will be like "what the hell is WRONG with you Mandy," but there you have it. Some places in Detroit that make it so lovable to me. One of the best parts of living here? The pride. Every single person from here is incredibly proud of what’s happening around them, and they’re proud to say they are Imported From Detroit (link to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKL254Y_jtc)If you're in the area, holler! We'll go out for beer and some coneys.

If you want to see how awesome other Michigan bloggers are, you can check out some of my favorite ladies. We've developed great friendships and I'm so grateful to live near them:
Sarah (http://www.sillygrrl.com), Mae (http://www.thereafterish.wordpress.com), Ria (http://www.rialeilani.com), Jenni (http://www.jenrem.com), Megan (http://www.secretlysupergirl.wordpress.com), Lauryn (http://www.laureality.com), Rebecca (http://www.thruthinandthick.com)

* * * * * * *

Thank you Mandy for showing us what makes Detroit awesome!
If you would like to write a guest post on your hometown, please email us!
windshielddiaries at gmail dot com

Monday, May 23, 2011

scenes from little sis's college graduation

My little sister right after receiving her diploma! We are all so proud of her, and it was so nice to be able to celebrate with her and my family all afternoon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

may sponsors giveaway winner

Keep an eye on your email...the giveaway sponsors will be contacting you about your prizes soon!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week...

...brunch with my favorite ladies.
...bonvoyage party, biergarten style.
...anxiousness & anticipation.
...my betta passed away, I had him for almost 3 years!
...rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!
...impromptu dinner date.
...anticipation, and hoping my horoscope for the coming weeks is spot on!
...put our first offer on a house.
...a super long, stressful day that ended in disappointment. House seller accepted someone else's offer.
...after getting dressed up to go see M's band play, I spent their whole set laying in back of the van trying to sleep because I was so tired. Did I mention I also wrapped myself burrito style in a throw rug for warmth?
...disappointment turned to optimism when our agent sent us new listings to browse! Some are even better than "the one that got away."

Friday, May 20, 2011


The selections this week are inspired by my little sister, she is graduating college tomorrow! 
Congrats, Little K!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Upstate NY Weather,
It's mid May. It's cold and rainy. Something is wrong here.

Dear Muscles,
I know I've been working you hard lately, but could you please stop being so sore all of the time?

Dear Self,
I know you're 100% obsessed with the idea of getting a house ASAP, but it will happen when it's meant to. Be a little more patient, remember: good things come to those who wait.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Lily & Izabelle

After a few major changes in my career path and personal life I realized there was something missing. It was only after hanging with my sister's two dogs I realized what I needed--one of my own! After months and months (nearly a year) of let down after let down, I finally got the call I was waiting for--that I was chosen to be a frenchie's momma!

Two days ago I was at the computer and felt Lily pawing at my leg (what she does to get my attention). I reached down without looking to pet her head and to do a little tugging with the toy in her mouth. A piece of the toy broke off so I looked to see what part was left in my hand and there it was. A bird's leg. SHE BROUGHT ME A DEAD BIRD. (She didn't kill it, it was a bird my Mother found dead a few days ago and buried)
Lily's Balaclava

RESEARCH. Frenchies are prone to a plethora of health problems so you want to make sure yours was bred responsibly.

BEWARE OF BROKERS! Brokers are basically resellers of puppies from puppy mills (also bad. Very very bad). Before I knew any better, I dealt  with a broker that facilitated all communication between me and the breeder (a puppy mill representative, essentially). Luckily for me, something didn't sit quite right and at the last minute I googled the website name with "scam" and so many results came up it terrified me.

Found a website that's selling "purebred" puppies from different breeders across the country? Most likely brokers. Google the company name next to the word "scam" to see if any results show up. Call them, are they eager to sell you a puppy?  Check back often, do they always have a puppy available? If yes to either/both, stay away.

To find a reputable french bulldog breeder I went to the french bulldog page through the AKC website. I looked at the list of clubs for a local one and sent an email to all their listed breeders and crossed my fingers for a reply!

PATIENCE. Looking for Lily took MONTHS. Understand that most reputable breeders have a long wait list (years), have requirements (one asked me to read a book, another required I have a camera), and that not all breeders have puppies at all times (some only breed once every few years). I was hellbent on getting a frenchie that was bred properly so never. gave. up.

Please visit Izabelle's blog, Izznit to read more about her life with Lily!

If you would like to take part in our Blogging Buddies series, please email us!
windshielddiaries at gmail dot com

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photo an hour

 6:15am: breakfast of fat free greek yogurt, raspberries, and a drizzle of honey.

 7:15am: book sort

 8:15am: morning drive in the country

 9:15am: old country library

 10:15am: country roads

 11:15am: passenger seat

 12:15pm: 30 Day Shred

 1:15pm: CAPow! prints

 2:15pm: enjoying the back deck

 3:15pm: resting my aching back on the couch

 4:15pm: sitting at my desk, again.

 5:15pm: working out new sponsor structure for Windshield Diaries! :)

 6:15pm: Dinner of quinoa, lentil soup, and broccoli. Yum!!

 7:15pm: Styles letting it all hang out

 8:15pm: making fruit salad

 9:15pm: reading in bed

10:15pm: trip to the studio to pick up the final mixes for M's band's new album!

Monday, May 16, 2011

may sponsors giveaway

Hello! The name's Izabelle and I live in sunny California with my smelly french bulldog, Lily. I'm 1/3 of Boojiboo, the apron making trio who loves all things retro.I've been sewing since I was eight but only started working for my Mom full-time a few years ago. Having her as a boss was a bit strange at first but I quickly adjusted. It's not as laid back as people think but that's just how I like it. My mom, sister, and I each have our own area of expertise (I do the computer-related things) but also share sewing, designing, and packing responsibilities.

I do what I do because it makes me happy. I tried doing the "normal" thing by getting a "real" job after university but it sucked the life out of me. No one should dread waking up in the morning, and now thanks to Boojiboo, I don't!

When I'm not working I'm either crocheting, knitting, getting tattooed, or hugging my dog.

To find inspiration for aprons I like vintage catalogs. Not only do I see clothing but also weird contraptions, accessories, shoes, and appliances! So fun to see how different things are nowadays.
For crafty inspiration I browse flickr.com and/or ravelry.com. I love seeing what others make and how they interpret patterns.

Staring at a needle and fabric for hours on end can get boring so I usually have one of these playing in the background:
Albums-Gorilla Manor by Local Natives, 21 by Adele, or Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons

I can knit and crochet without looking so I use that time to catch up on movies and TV. Some of my faves:
TV-American Pickers, Auction Kings, Dexter, and Grey's Anatomy (I know, I know)
Movie-Pride and Prejudice. I can watch it over and over and over...Mr. Darcy, I die! *swoon*

I'm so so so excited to be featured on Windshield Diaries and am happy to offer a reader an apron of their choice from my store, Boojiboo.com. They're all hand made by my mom, sister, and myself so rest assured you're getting an apron made with love :)

You can find Izabelle here: SHOP | BLOG

* * * * * * *

Hi, I'm Stephanie, I am a recent graduate just trying to fill my newly free time with crafting and blogging. I live in Ohio with my chihuahua puppy and boyfriend. I've just opened my shop, and can't wait to create new and pretty things as it grows!

I make fabric button accessories like rings, hairpins, and necklaces. I scour my local thrift stores for vintage scarves, clothes, and fabrics and turn them into fun jewelry. I have always loved fabric button jewelry, but could never find a style that fit me, so I decided to create my own.

Basically, my inspiration is whatever I think looks fun. I get a lot of input from my friends and boyfriend, but if I would wear it, then I make it :)

My current favorite music is Regina Spektor. I have been hooked on her older albums lately. As always, my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, and I even have an HP themed tattoo in the works!

One of my favorite quotes is by Sylvia Plath: "Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences." I try to live by this quote every day, and my blog and shop are the two places I document my life and my interests. Please stop by and say hello!!

Stephanie is very generously offering Windshield Diaries readers 15% off with the code CAPOW

You can find Stephanie here: SHOP | BLOG

* * * * * * *

Now for the giveaway details!

Izabelle is giving away an apron of your choice!

Stephanie is giving away this adorable fabric button ring from her shop!

How To Enter:
1. You must be a follower of Windshield Diaries to qualify.
2. Comment on this post and tell us what you would bake while wearing your new apron and ring if you won!
(please be sure to leave an email address is your comment so that we can get in touch with the lucky winner!)

For Bonus Entries:
-Tweet about the giveaway (be sure to include @capowcapow in your tweet so that I can find it) then leave a comment telling us you tweeted.
-Like Windshield Diaries on facebook, then leave a comment telling us you liked us!
-Follow Izabelle and Stephanie's blogs, then come back and leave a comment telling us you did it!

Entries will be accepted until Saturday, May 21, 11:59pm Eastern Time

One winner will be chosen (via Random.org)!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This week...

...got to spend time with the fam and laugh at my silly nephew.
...had the pleasure of waking up 3 hours before I needed to because our downstairs neighbors like to set their alarm for 6am then let it just beep for 45 minutes.
...bought SUPER healthy food when grocery shopping. Time to break through this plateau!
...had vanilla soft serve. Not as satisfying as pistachio, but it did the trick.
...started obsessing over finding us a house to buy. So over apartment living...

Friday, May 13, 2011


This weeks Etsy suggestions are dedicated to my bestie who is apartment hunting in the city. I'm sad to see her go, but happy she's not *too* far away!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Dear Legs,
Please hurry and get tan. You are EMBARRASSINGLY pale!

Dear Summer,
I have a feeling you are going to be AWESOME! But I'm not going to lie...I kind of can't wait for you to be over, because this fall will be even better!

Dear 30 Day Shred,
We are just getting to know each other, but I really hope you show me no mercy. It's almost time to get into bathing suits!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hometown Hearts: Indianapolis, IN

My name is Sally Marshall. Currently I live in Chicago and I love it here. The cool breeze off of Lake Michigan in April revitalizes the senses. However, I’m a born and bred Hoosier. I grew up in Indianapolis, and it is Indy that I still call my home. I moved to Chi-town a few years ago to teach at an elementary school, but I venture back to the ol’ stompin’ grounds at least once a month to see family and friends. Strap in with me and I’ll show you my side of Indy; a city full of life, love, music and best of all FOOD!

Growing up in the mid-nineties I was a complete punk rocker. At that time Indianapolis was actually one of those cities people would flock to in order to see good punk shows. Places like The Patio, Melody Inn and my favorite, the historic Vollrath Tavern, had great punk shows at least once a month. The Vollrath Tavern has that amazing feel of a bar that has been through the ringer. The copper adorned bar-top takes you back to the days of Indiana infamy. Opening it’s doors in 1926, the Vollrath was once a common hangout to gangsters such as John Dillinger.

My friends often make fun of me, but I love going to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, regardless of it’s “tourist attractions” feel or not. This museum boasts 472,900 square feet and is the largest children’s museum in the world. I just love to roam from exhibit to exhibit and take in the knowledge. No matter how often I return I always feel as though I’ve learned something new and I always have a great time.

Those who know me well know that I love three things: Travel, Music and FOOD. In my early twenties I didn’t think much of the food choices in Indianapolis, but each time I return I am introduced to new eateries, some just new to me and some that are actually new. A couple of my favorites are Boogie Burger and Cooper’s Hawk.

Boogie Burger is an Indianapolis original. Located just off the main drag in the Broad Ripple area, Boogie Burger is THE place to spend a warm summer evening relaxing with friends and chowing down on truly unparalleled burgers. With original creations like the Triple Boogie and their most popular burger the Wild Wild West (which includes cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, onion rings & bbq sauce), Boogie is one of those diamonds among other diamonds. If you plan on sitting down and eating however make sure you get there early as there is limited seating. During the warmer months Boogie opens up patio seating which is a great way to spend a dinner hour.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant is not an Indy original, but that does not make it any less unique. I spent a good part of my New Year’s Eve at Cooper’s Hawk this year. The service is unmatched. I was blown away at the response of the hosting team as we walked in the door. Doubling as wine tasting directors, the hosting team immediately welcomes you with a complimentary tasting of the featured wine. On this particular night we were sampling their Almond Sparkling Wine, but it did not end there. Each patron is invited to 2 more complimentary tastings of any of their nearly 100 different wines which are all bottled on site. Add to this the single best Filet Mignon I’ve ever had and I was sold. For the average eater this is not a place you would frequent every week as the prices were a bit more than your average Applebee’s bill, but for celebrations and other special occasions it is my choice of Indy.