Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Inu, Nezumi, & Claire

Hi there

I have two cats - Inu (a boy) and Nezumi (a girl). Their names are Japanese and mean "dog" (inu) and "mouse" (nezumi) - my husband and I met in Japan and we wanted them to have Japanese names and we thought we were funny naming them those names!

Inu and Nezumi are brother and sister and our rescue cats. We got them when they were five months old from a local cat rescue centre near where we live. They had been found along with about 50 other kittens on the London Olympic site. Apparently, when people moved out of their homes, they just left their cats behind and as the majority were un-neuteured they just bred.

When we got them, Inu was the slightly friendlier and Nezumi spent her first 24 hours in our house hiding behind the fridge! Hence how they got named those names. Inu is still very much like a dog in his personality - and is very skittish, the rustle of a rubbish bag sends him flying out the cat flap. Nezumi is much friendlier these days and is very much a pleasure whore! She also "talks" to you - in a high pitched meow! She will also try and talk to whoever you are speaking to on the phone and has been known to speak to the TV!!

Funniest story I have is one day I got in from work and only Nezumi was in. Our rountine is that when I get in, they get their dinner. Anyway, Nezumi was bothering me for her dinner so I said "No dinner until your brother gets in" at which point she walked to the cat flap, stuck her head out and meowed. Within seconds Inu was in and waiting patiently for his dinner by his bowl! She'd obviously called him in for dinner!

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  1. Oh the cuteness! Good on you for getting shelter cats too, hey. That's really rad! :)

  2. I love this story. I love the kitty names. The story about dinner is so cute and made my morning. All of our cats are rescue cats. They are all quirky and fun in their own ways

  3. oh sweet. I like black cats!!

  4. Hahaha! I love the dinner story. Actually anything about cats gets me every time. KITTIES! 24-7!


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