Thursday, May 26, 2011


Dear Bestie,
I'm really sad to be packing your things into a U-Haul this weekend, but really happy that even though you are moving away, it is still close enough to visit often. I'm so excited for you and all of your new opportunities! ...and the fact that I now have a free place to crash in Brooklyn isn't too bad either ;)

Dear Apartment,
I would really love it if you could not smell like cigarette smoke all the time. Neither M, no I smoke. Yet every day we come home and you reek of cigarettes. It's kind of a pun intended.

Dear Summer,
You are going to be awesome. I can feel it already!


  1. SUMMER!!!!! #fistpump

  2. i'm so glad i stumbled across your blog! i'm getting the summer is going to be amazing itch as well! most of my friends end up moving to different places, but i always think that that is just one more new place for me to visit and explore!

    have a lovely day!
    xo.anna marie


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