Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Lily & Izabelle

After a few major changes in my career path and personal life I realized there was something missing. It was only after hanging with my sister's two dogs I realized what I needed--one of my own! After months and months (nearly a year) of let down after let down, I finally got the call I was waiting for--that I was chosen to be a frenchie's momma!

Two days ago I was at the computer and felt Lily pawing at my leg (what she does to get my attention). I reached down without looking to pet her head and to do a little tugging with the toy in her mouth. A piece of the toy broke off so I looked to see what part was left in my hand and there it was. A bird's leg. SHE BROUGHT ME A DEAD BIRD. (She didn't kill it, it was a bird my Mother found dead a few days ago and buried)
Lily's Balaclava

RESEARCH. Frenchies are prone to a plethora of health problems so you want to make sure yours was bred responsibly.

BEWARE OF BROKERS! Brokers are basically resellers of puppies from puppy mills (also bad. Very very bad). Before I knew any better, I dealt  with a broker that facilitated all communication between me and the breeder (a puppy mill representative, essentially). Luckily for me, something didn't sit quite right and at the last minute I googled the website name with "scam" and so many results came up it terrified me.

Found a website that's selling "purebred" puppies from different breeders across the country? Most likely brokers. Google the company name next to the word "scam" to see if any results show up. Call them, are they eager to sell you a puppy?  Check back often, do they always have a puppy available? If yes to either/both, stay away.

To find a reputable french bulldog breeder I went to the french bulldog page through the AKC website. I looked at the list of clubs for a local one and sent an email to all their listed breeders and crossed my fingers for a reply!

PATIENCE. Looking for Lily took MONTHS. Understand that most reputable breeders have a long wait list (years), have requirements (one asked me to read a book, another required I have a camera), and that not all breeders have puppies at all times (some only breed once every few years). I was hellbent on getting a frenchie that was bred properly so never. gave. up.

Please visit Izabelle's blog, Izznit to read more about her life with Lily!

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  1. awww i loooooove frenchies! i've wanted one for years. but yea, i have heard from several people that it's difficult finding one from a safe, reputable breeder. poor little pups. i don't even understand how people can treat them like nothing more than a product.

  2. I have wanted a French Bulldog for years!! They're definitely the cutest, sweetest and funniest dogs I've ever known! We won't get a dog until we live in a house instead of a condo... so it might be a while... but I'll definitely be sure to get one from a rescue or a reputable breeder! These tips were super helpful and Lily is ADORABLE! Thanks for posting this!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. We waited around 8 months to get our English Bulldog, and finally just happened to come upon him on the local bulldog society website. It did take a lot of patience, because we didn't want to go to a breeder.

    I like how you warn about the health challenges, I'll admit, we were sort of ignorant until after we got Tank. Then I was doing my research and got super paranoid about our new baby.



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