Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

We hope you enjoy Halloween 2011!
This Halloween is very special for us, we can't wait to share the reason with you.
Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dear Friends & Family,
We can't wait to welcome you into our new home this weekend.

Dear Weather,
Please be kind to us, we'd like to have this housewarming party in our back yard.

Dear Puppy,
Please stay this cute forever.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

who is YOUR buddy?

Do you have an awesome pet? Do you have a blog? We are currently accepting new submissions for our Blogging Buddies series!


Please send us an email!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

planning our housewarming

This weekend, M & I are hosting our housewarming party. Here's a peak at my Pinterest inspiration board. Do you have any last minute suggestions for us?

Monday, October 24, 2011

life with puppy: week 1

 Living with a new puppy for the first week will turn you into a zombie. Except instead of stumbling around moaning for brains, you are stumbling around moaning for sleep.

 So far, this (still!!) unnamed little guy has been doing great and stealing hearts left and right.

Now if only we could find a name that sticks...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Ella and Stephanie

I had been asking Nick for another dog (a buddy for Guillermo) for MONTHS (seriously, since November!). He kept telling me no because our then apartment was already too small for the one dog and cat. I was relentless.

I was working at PetsMart both as a training instructor and a bather in the salon. PetSmart hosts an adoption/rescue group every Saturday and Sunday, and on May 21, I watched as the teeniest, tiniest Pekingese-Chihuahua puppy was dragged (literally, dragged on the ground) in by a leash and collar to be surrendered by her owner. I fell in love instantly.

I immediately began sending Nick countless pictures of her, and after a week of badgering him, he FINALLY gave in (I would be moving soon, anyways). We brought her home the very next weekend, and of course she was instantaneously a daddy’s girl. When we brought her home, her name was Shi-Shi (how AWFUL), we quickly changed it to Elladora. She goes by Ella, Ellaphant, Smellaphant, and Smelly, lovingly. 

One of my favorite memories of Ella has to do with when we first got her. She had been fixed by the rescue group (at much too small a weight, 2.5 lbs) and the surgery had been botched. Her stomach was infected and the incision would not close up for weeks. At first she was very, very hesitant for us to get anywhere near such a tender area, but eventually she began to trust us enough to scrub it twice a day. It healed in no time. I remember being SO happy that she was okay, and so incredibly relieved.
-tell me about any advice you have for people who are considering getting a pet similar to the one(s) you're writing about.

The hardest part about taking care of a dog so small (especially a Chihuahua) is that they are prone to having open fontanels when they are born, and sometimes they do not grow out of this. A lot of vets and trainers joke that this is the “off button,” but it really is! If you are thinking about getting a Chihuahua, this can be a very dangerous condition that you would have to watch out for. They are great, loving companions!

* * * * * * *
Thank you Stephanie, for sharing your story!!

We are currently seeking submissions for the Blogging Buddies series, and we would love to hear all about your pet or pets, please email us!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pumpkin picking

 Last Sunday it was sunny and 80 degrees. Not your typical pumpkin picking weather, but we'll take it!

 I'm not big on mums in general, but I love orange mums in October. And only in October.

 The beautiful view from the pumpkin patch.

 Weighing in our biggest pick!

 Our haul: 3 giant pumpkins for us, and two little white pumpkins for our friend Amanda.

The corn maze that we didn't attempt. And not pictured: the raspberry picking we did after hauling our pumpkins to the car! It was a perfect day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

introducing our new addition...

He is an 8.5 week old Bulldog - Pug mix, we picked him up yesterday. After a 2 hour drive, and a bath, this little guy put himself to bed. 
Oh yeah, and we haven't quite decided on a name yet...

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Dear Weekly Work Provided Lunch,
You are making my butt fat with your delicious crusty bread sandwiches. Back on the points for this one!

Dear House,
We are trying our hardest to make you as pretty as possible for our housewarming party. We promise that when we get the money we will restore you to the gorgeousness that you deserve!

Dear Puppy Fever,
Please quit it until the spring. I don't want to housetrain a puppy in the snow, and you are making it very difficult to wait!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Pie, Sovereign, Foggy and Juliette

Hi! I am Juliette from the Thoroughbred retraining blog, Honeysuckle Faire.  I live with my husband, Brian, and our daughter, Maizie Jane, our adorable kitty, Noodlebug, and our three sweet and silly Thoroughbreds, Pie, Sovereign, and Foggy. 

Many people do not know this sad fact, but when Thoroughbreds are done racing, most are sent to be slaughtered. Thankfully, there are rescue organizations cropping up all over the US and UK who are able to save the lives of some of the horses. I found one such organization, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) out of Saratoga Springs, New York and I requested to foster two horses in December of 2008.  

Racehorses know very little about being safe riding horses when they come from the racetrack. They have to be "retrained" to walk nicely on a lead, be groomed safely, be tacked up in cross-ties, and walk, trot, and canter with a rider aboard at safe speeds. My original idea was to foster and retrain two horses from TRF and help them get adopted. So in February of 2009, Sly Pioneer (Pie) and Suave Lord (Sovereign), two ex-race horses from Philadelphia Park Racetrack arrived at our farm. 

Pie was only three years old and Sovereign had just turned four when they arrived, but both had already been trained to race. Sovereign had raced 26 times (!) which isn't very much when compared to most Thoroughbreds on the track. Racehorses are trained to take the bit in their mouths and go, so I started retraining them by never putting a bit in their mouth. I taught both horses to be ridden in a bitless bridle. This helps racehorses "forget" all that they learned before. In addition, long grazing and grooming sessions and many hours of good quality hay and free pasture time helps to "erase" the memories of racing.  Mostly, kindness and love helps retrain these smart, athletic horses.

Of course, we all fell in love with the two big boys and we decided to adopt them as our own almost as soon as they arrived.  Can you blame us?  Here I am on my sweet, gentle giant, Pie, and Sovereign is following with my friend, Kathy riding him.

One evening in July of 2010 I was wondering about the pedigree of our two wonderful horses and I found out online that Sovereign had a full brother named "Found in the Fog" and he was still racing at Philadelphia Park!!! We live two hours from Philadelphia so I immediately contacted his owners to see if we could meet him. He wasn't going to race again that summer and there seemed to be no way to see him, but I kept thinking about this horse.  In November his owners contacted me to see if I wanted to adopt him because they were done racing him!  

Brian and I went to Philly to meet "Found in the Fog" (Foggy) and, again, we fell instantly in love. Foggy is the absolute sweetest horse that ever lived.  Here I am (below) on the day I met him. He came home to live with us permanently in January of 2011!  

* * * * * * *
Thank you Juliette, for sharing your story!!

We are currently seeking submissions for the Blogging Buddies series, and we would love to hear all about your pet or pets, please email us!
windshielddiaries at gmail dot com

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's that time of year....

 ...when Target has amazing dog costumes that we can't resist buying to dress up our cats...

 This year, Styles gets eaten by a shark!

 And Miyagi is a rebellious teenage punk rocker.

* many cat treats were devoured in the making of this post!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bob's Diner

 Recently, on a crisp, cold autumn morning we decided to try a diner we've been driving past a lot since moving into our new house. We walked into Bob's Diner, and after waiting a bit for a booth we were finally seated. At a booth right under the air conditioner. Which was on full blast. Did I mention "crisp, cold autumn morning?"

 So we sat under the AC, shivering, and waited for the bus girl to take our drink order. An waited some more, then waited a little longer. Finally after about 15 minutes she wandered over.

 The waitress came over soon after and took our food order. The food came out fairly quickly, and she topped off our coffee. Then we literally NEVER saw her again. No, seriously: LITERALLY.

 I will give them this, there was a lot of food on those plates. But for the price they are charging, the quality should definitely be kicked up a notch. The coffee was bitter and burnt, the bacon was paper thin and flavorless, the home fries were bland and buttery, the eggs were ok...I mean how hard is it to screw up over easy eggs?

Then there was the french toast. White bread, egg wash, griddle, done. No seasoning at all. This was seriously made with WONDER BREAD. Who does this at a restaurant any more? This was more like "I'm at home, I'm lazy, but I want some French Toast" kinda French Toast. Not what a diner should be serving.

So we ate our breakfast in shocked, freezing amazement. Then waited for the check. And waited and waited. The waitress was NOWHERE to be found. Finally after 15 minutes the bus girl came and cleared our dishes. But the waitress was MIA. 20 minutes after our dishes had been cleared we were finally sick of waiting, and went to the register where we stood for a few more minutes before a different waitress came over to help us. We could have literally walked out. She asked us where our check was, and we told her that we were wondering the same thing. Then we rattled off what we had ordered, whipped out the debit card, and finally escaped. 

The clientele at Bob's was mostly elderly or older folks. I'm convinced that it's because they are all still sitting their waiting on their checks from 20 years ago.

Never again. Bob's you are officially at the bottom of the list.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dear Puppy Fever,
Please simmer down!

Dear October,
You are my absolute favorite month! This year is going to be a good one!

Dear Backyard,
Trimmed brush, check! Fire pit, check! Next: save money to fence you in a little better!