Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Ella and Stephanie

I had been asking Nick for another dog (a buddy for Guillermo) for MONTHS (seriously, since November!). He kept telling me no because our then apartment was already too small for the one dog and cat. I was relentless.

I was working at PetsMart both as a training instructor and a bather in the salon. PetSmart hosts an adoption/rescue group every Saturday and Sunday, and on May 21, I watched as the teeniest, tiniest Pekingese-Chihuahua puppy was dragged (literally, dragged on the ground) in by a leash and collar to be surrendered by her owner. I fell in love instantly.

I immediately began sending Nick countless pictures of her, and after a week of badgering him, he FINALLY gave in (I would be moving soon, anyways). We brought her home the very next weekend, and of course she was instantaneously a daddy’s girl. When we brought her home, her name was Shi-Shi (how AWFUL), we quickly changed it to Elladora. She goes by Ella, Ellaphant, Smellaphant, and Smelly, lovingly. 

One of my favorite memories of Ella has to do with when we first got her. She had been fixed by the rescue group (at much too small a weight, 2.5 lbs) and the surgery had been botched. Her stomach was infected and the incision would not close up for weeks. At first she was very, very hesitant for us to get anywhere near such a tender area, but eventually she began to trust us enough to scrub it twice a day. It healed in no time. I remember being SO happy that she was okay, and so incredibly relieved.
-tell me about any advice you have for people who are considering getting a pet similar to the one(s) you're writing about.

The hardest part about taking care of a dog so small (especially a Chihuahua) is that they are prone to having open fontanels when they are born, and sometimes they do not grow out of this. A lot of vets and trainers joke that this is the “off button,” but it really is! If you are thinking about getting a Chihuahua, this can be a very dangerous condition that you would have to watch out for. They are great, loving companions!

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Thank you Stephanie, for sharing your story!!

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  1. Such a cute pooch and I'm so glad to hear she went to such a great home. I had no idea about open fontanels on chihuahuas until we saw a fact sheet at the emergency vet this past weekend. So random to now see it twice

    Anyway, your little lady is super cute!


    1. She's really cute. I think the Chihuahua's blood is stronger. I can't seem to find the Pekingese part of him.


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