Monday, October 10, 2011

Bob's Diner

 Recently, on a crisp, cold autumn morning we decided to try a diner we've been driving past a lot since moving into our new house. We walked into Bob's Diner, and after waiting a bit for a booth we were finally seated. At a booth right under the air conditioner. Which was on full blast. Did I mention "crisp, cold autumn morning?"

 So we sat under the AC, shivering, and waited for the bus girl to take our drink order. An waited some more, then waited a little longer. Finally after about 15 minutes she wandered over.

 The waitress came over soon after and took our food order. The food came out fairly quickly, and she topped off our coffee. Then we literally NEVER saw her again. No, seriously: LITERALLY.

 I will give them this, there was a lot of food on those plates. But for the price they are charging, the quality should definitely be kicked up a notch. The coffee was bitter and burnt, the bacon was paper thin and flavorless, the home fries were bland and buttery, the eggs were ok...I mean how hard is it to screw up over easy eggs?

Then there was the french toast. White bread, egg wash, griddle, done. No seasoning at all. This was seriously made with WONDER BREAD. Who does this at a restaurant any more? This was more like "I'm at home, I'm lazy, but I want some French Toast" kinda French Toast. Not what a diner should be serving.

So we ate our breakfast in shocked, freezing amazement. Then waited for the check. And waited and waited. The waitress was NOWHERE to be found. Finally after 15 minutes the bus girl came and cleared our dishes. But the waitress was MIA. 20 minutes after our dishes had been cleared we were finally sick of waiting, and went to the register where we stood for a few more minutes before a different waitress came over to help us. We could have literally walked out. She asked us where our check was, and we told her that we were wondering the same thing. Then we rattled off what we had ordered, whipped out the debit card, and finally escaped. 

The clientele at Bob's was mostly elderly or older folks. I'm convinced that it's because they are all still sitting their waiting on their checks from 20 years ago.

Never again. Bob's you are officially at the bottom of the list.

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