Saturday, February 20, 2010

always, sometimes, never

Laura from The Madness of Mundanity has challenged other bloggers to complete the following sentences:

I always ...
I sometimes ...
I never ...

Once you've completed these sentences, link back to her post and then comment telling her you did and you will be entered to win this awesome giveaway!

i always...
try to be polite.
stay up way later than i should when i need to get up the next morning.
procrastinate on things i don't really want to do.

i sometimes...
feel a little more cynical than i should.
get too lazy for my own good.
"forget" to do things on purpose.

i never...
do my laundry when i should, i let it pile up in the corner til m can't stand it.
make enough time for my friends, i'm constantly working on my own projects in my free time.
have any "disposable income," i need to pay off the credit card balances.

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  1. ummm....i done tagged you!! check out my recent post and see what you have to do! yup.


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