Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My version vs. Mike's version of what I look like in the morning.

I've been making lots of vegan recipes lately, I've been working on making a crocheted afghan, and I pulled out an old unfinished quilt with the intentions of finishing it within the next few weekends.

The SPRING! I'm definitely over the winter.

About my ancestry. I signed up for an account and started building the family tree. I wish I could find more than just names.

Listening to:
I've been very uninspired by music lately. I've been listening to a lot of 70s/80s punk/new wave on Pandora and Spotify.

I got a Hello Apparel sweatshirt that I am loving, and I also picked up a couple of jeans from Target on clearance - one pair is teal, the other chartreuse!

So glad The Walking Dead is back. I've also started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It's become a guilty pleasure.

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