Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Ollie and Emily

So I had moved to Nashville TN and after working at an animal clinic there, I had made the decision to go ahead and get myself a doggie. I was working at a clinic that allowed me to take my pet with me to work, and I would be at the right place if anything happened to him. I had always wanted a great dane but I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. I e-mailed a few breeders in the surrounding area but none except for one had the color I was looking for. "Oliver moose face" is his full name but he's most commonly known as "Ollie" he is a very handsome Harlequin Great Dane.

I have very many favorite memories of him and I love him like he was my own child. The thought of ever losing him makes my heart sink and I almost immediately want to cry. My most favorite memories are once when he was a puppy, I remember while crate training him we had a schedule and I could almost always tell when he had to use the bathroom so he had very few accidents in the house. One night while cooking in the kitchen, I went to set the table and noticed him cowering in his crate which he seemed to be almost too big for. I asked him to come out but he wouldn't. He was acting so weird! I started to panic and was tempted to call the doctor i was working for at the time thinking maybe he was sick when I noticed a little pee puddle in the hallway. I was so sorry for him! Mostly because I knew now I couldn't ever punish him! He already knew what he did was wrong and it was really my fault for not letting him out in the first place.

Another time was when I had a really bad break up with a boy I was dating. I remember crying so hard that my lungs hurt and ollie would paw at my bed and push his nose under my arm to make me pet him. I sleep with my dog, mostly because I am single and have a whole queen to myself and sleeping next to him is like sleeping next to another human. We sleep back to back almost every night, so when ever I am sad, its like he knows. He follows me everywhere, he has to be in the bathroom with me while I shower and he keeps my bed warm while I am gone. I know hes always waiting for me because right when I pull up in the drive way I can see his head poking out of the blinds.

I did a lot of research before making that decision and with that being said, don't always believe what people say. Everyone thinks "omg such a large dog" yes, thats just about all thats different about him, he is large, but I would be more worried about having a labrador in an apartment rather then a great dane. Ollie, If I let him, would sleep all day, he eats just as much as a labrador does so don't think that because he is large, means he eats more. Because of their large size they can be more prone to health problems like heart issues or problems with their growing bones. I used to be scared when he was growing up because sometimes he would go to stand and start crying. I later found out its something called "growing pains"

I took all the precautions to ensure I gave him the correct up bringing. Not playing activities that were too strenuous, feeding him food with not too much protein, giving him vitamins not to mention the breeder constantly checked in on him which was comforting. I also socialized him as much as I could, I know their tag nick name is "gentle giant" but I didn't want their to be an instant where he felt the need to attack someone. I also taught him when he was very young not to jump. Everyone always wants to see how tall he is to them, I didn't want to teach him that jumping was okay. I didn't want ollie (125lbs of doggie meat) jumping on my grandma when she came to visit.

If you are thinking about getting a great dane do not rush it. It is better to buy from a sound breeder then someone on the street. Don't believe the hype about they being big meaning they are too much to handle. If you don't mind a large cuddle buddy, they are awesome pets.

Please visit Emily's blog, Emily Is A Secret to read more about her life with Ollie and to keep up with the search for the newest member of her family!

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  1. Great Danes are AMAZING dogs, but you're right, they require a lot of tender loving care, just like any dog! Another important thing for us with a "big" dog (not nearly as big as a Great Dane, but still a large breed) was getting a food dish that was elevated so she didn't have to bend down to eat it. That can prevent bloat, which can be dangerous for dogs.

    Isn't it funny how some of the biggest breeds, who you'd think would need a ton of exercise (Great Danes, Greyhounds) are also some of the laziest? hehe!

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. So precious! That dog is beautiful : )

  3. He is just so precious! I used to work at a shelter (in canine care) and loooved the great danes which would pass through. So sweet.

  4. ollie is beautiful!!! there is just something about a great dane that takes the dog-love to a human level. i'm up reading blogs at 5 am because edgar, my beautiful blue great dane, needed me to check on him. he can no longer make it up the stairs to sleep in our bed like he always did, so i'm often up in the night checking on him. 23 years of danes and i can't imagine my life without those sweet eyes and big warm head and my feet tucked in his belly while we share the couch....although he gets most of it.
    thanks for your lovely post. you and ollie are both very lucky.


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