Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Hi, my name is Rhianne and as well as writing and taking photos for my blog For the easily distracted... I also sell my photos in my Etsy shop. In 2009 I brought my first film camera: a holga 135bc and my life changed, now I take at least two film cameras around with me everywhere I go and I love nothing more than sharing how I see the world through my cameras and my prints.


Femmena Mala Shop is an Etsy shop that I have just started. I sell handmade (by me, for you!) fabric button jewelry and hairpins using thrifted vintage fabric. I'm really excited because this is my first go at selling something I have made on my own. Femmena Mala Blog is just a space for me to write about me, or whatever interests me. Most of the time it's my new teaching job, my two Chihuahua puppies, and my awesome boyfriend. I really value you it as an outlet for my thoughts and inspiration, and for gathering input from friends that I have made via the internet. I would love to see you around! 


The coupon code CAPOW will get your readers 15% off :) 

Hello, I’m Christina Marie.  I’m just a twenty-four year old wife, who views the world through the lens of my camera.  I’m a mother to five, furry, four-legged babies.  I’m also a foster home to animals who needs a second chance at life.  I believe all dogs to heaven and that love can concur all.


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