Tuesday, July 12, 2011

camp crumster

 Our friends John & Shelly bought a camp this summer and invited us to come check out all the hard work they put into it in the past few weeks. So we hopped in the car for the hour drive to Lake Sacandaga.

 The drive took us through some very scenic, windy country roads. I love the sign to the right: Pony Parties!

 Camp Crumster is a vintage 1955 trailer with an enclosed porch addition, a great little deck, and a fire pit. Just yards from a private beach on the lake.

 Technically, Sacandaga Lake is a man-made reservoir.

 We took a walk down to the beach...

 Just in time to catch sunset! So beautiful.

Thank you John & Shelly for inviting us, we can't wait to come back when we can stay longer than a few hours!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Like you captured little "thoughts" of the camp.... :) Sea Marie

  2. Wow! It is so beautiful there!

  3. That seems like such a nice little getaway.

  4. This looks so exciting! I always wanted to go camping just minus the tents.


  5. omg that looks so cute and amazing! also, love the pony parties sign :)


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