Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Em and Roxy

Hello friends! My name is Em, over at Pushups with Polish. I'd like to introduce you to this little pup...ROXY!

I would like to thank Paris Hilton for the reason why I craved a small dog in my teens. The idea that I could take my little friend anywhere (possibly sneak her into school) appealed to me so much. With this in mind, I would often stop by the pet store after school, before swim practice, hoping that a little friend would find me. Well she did, with one tilt of her head…a week before my 17th birthday. Because of this convenient timing, she became the perfect present, and reason to convince my parents why I needed little Roxy ohh so bad. After a little begging and even some “promises” of extra chores, Roxy became part of the family, actually… maybe the third child.

Roxy is very loyal, probably due to the fact that she considers herself human. Anyways, there is nothing better than coming home to her greeting me. She gets so excited, gives tons of kisses, and dances around. It could be argued that she is a better dance than me! It’s like she hasn’t seen me in ages. It’s the same routine if I’m gone for 10 minutes or a few days. It’s especially comforting after a long day or a tough practice.

I highly suggest Rat Terriers for anyone looking for a dog or a character. Roxy is a clown; there isn’t a day where she doesn’t make me laugh. I didn’t know much about Rat Terriers, let alone heard of the breed before I got Roxy (let’s be real, the name “Rat Terrier” is kind of unfortunate…)

Rat Terriers make great dogs if you want an “in between” size dog (she’s about 13 pounds) and doesn’t shed or bark much either.  Lastly, they are extremely smart; try hiding a toy from Roxy and she will find it within a matter of minutes. The only real “hiccup” I would say about her was that she was a little harder than my other dogs to housebreak. Rat Terriers are great little friends who are always by your side to keep you loads of company, especially while blogging!

Visit Em & Roxy over at Pushups with Polish


  1. yay! thanks again for featuring me and rox! xxo

  2. Roxy is adorable. :) Hopping over to check for more pictures of her now. :)

  3. Those are some lovely pumpkin seeds! My dog has those too :) black and tan beasties are the best:)

  4. What a lovely couple, the lady and her dog ;) i really like this segment of the blog!
    would love to follow each other! I'm going to go ahead a follow you :)


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