Saturday, October 31, 2009

23 hours to Florida

just a little iPhone taste, better pics when we get back!

we were in deleware, way up at the top, m points to our first destination: Sarasota FL

NASCAR in north carolina

happy Halloween in south Carolina!

Krystal chicks in Georgia

we arrived at the very top of FL at 10am and made it to Sarasota around 2:30.

tomorrow: beach!!! ...and manatees....?!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. hope you had some BBQ in the carolinas (very yummy)

  2. florida is the one place that i have never been and keep hearing people talk about and it makes me want to go there now! very neat blog!

  3. We also have just completed an epic road trip to Florida and back from New York, it was great, interesting to see so much of America especially as a Brit!


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