Thursday, March 8, 2012


Dear March,
More 50 degree + days and less 30 degree - days please. Thank you!

Dear Dresses,
Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to buy nice shoes to match you for our honeymoon? I could use a stylist.

Dear Hair Cut,
I haven't quite figured out how to make you look as good as you did straight from the salon, but we'll get there eventually I'm sure.

Dear Tea Shop Employee,
Thanks for telling me tea that comes in bags "isn't real tea." Presently, I can not afford to pay $18 for 2 oz of you designer loose "real" tea. So I'll be sticking with my green tea bags that I can get in a 40 pack for $4.00. Your snobbery has not swayed me.


  1. I wanted to share this recipe I tried, I got it from this blog and made it, without the pineapple and ham. It was so delicious and even my kids loved it. Hope you enjoy it.


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