Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Misty and Amanda

Hey everybody! I’m Amanda from anthropomorphity and I’d like to introduce you to Misty.

Misty and I have grown up together. She became part of the family when I was just four years old. Now thirteen years have gone by and I could not ask for a better best friend. Misty was a fluffy white golden retriever puppy with pink painted toe-nails the first time we saw her. She ran up to us and stayed with us- and we knew she was the one. 

She is the absolute sweetest dog on the planet. Never once has she bit, been rough or anywhere near aggressive toward anyone. She is extremely loyal and a beautiful dog, inside and out.

I can't think of one specific adorable or funny thing that she has done these past thirteen years, because every single thing she does brings a smile to my face. When I was little and scraped my arm she would come running to kiss it and make me laugh. Now, as I approach my senior year of high school and the stress overwhelms me, the most vocal dog I know jokes with me and makes me smile. Everyday I am thankful to have her in my life.

If you are considering welcoming a Golden Retriever into your life- I'm telling you without a doubt do it. You won't be disappointed; they are the most family-friendly, just generally friendly, intelligent, sweet dogs. Just a few warnings though; Goldens have TONS of hair and shed in every season, every day. Also, as they approach more "advanced" years it is very common for them to develop arthritis in the hips and joints, as well as fatty tumors, like most larger dogs. None of those things stop Misty though, at 13 she still thinks she's my lap- dog-sized puppy.

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Thank you, Amanda for such a sweet post about your pup!
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  1. what a cutie pie! I love Golden Retrievers, but I wouldn't trade my maltese for the world ;)

    here's a picture of her:)


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