Monday, August 8, 2011

a quick trip to nyc

 Last Thursday and Friday, I and six of my fellow co-workers were sent on a trip from our serene Upstate New York office to go work a few days in the pirate ship Brooklyn office.

 The Brooklyn office is in DUMBO, so we took a walk to the Ferry Terminal on our lunch break to take in some sights.

 The Brooklyn Bridge will probably always be my favorite bridge.

 We spent one night in a cute little hotel in the Lower East Side, this was the view out my hotel room window. Nothing more NYC than a water tower and street art.

 Looking directly out my hotel room window, I saw this beautiful building across the street.

And I had my official staff photo taken in the company photo booth. Can you guess where I've been working for the past month? :)


  1. I have no clue where you've been working, but if your employee pictures look like that then you probably work somewhere awesome!!!

  2. I finally figured it out! I've been curious as you describe your dream job. The photo booth and DUMBO clue spells out - etsy! Sigh - SO happy for you! I love working with my horses each day, but the artist side of me longs for creative days like you are having! Hooray! Enjoy!

  3. funny, because i just took a quick trip upstate :) we totally switched places!


  4. Aw this made me miss Brooklyn so much. I'm still so happy for you about that job. How awesome. Cute pictures!

  5. How awesome is this? I would love to take a trip to NYC.


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