Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Anya & Kaycie

Hello Windshield Diaries readers! My name is Kaycie (from Redhead Memories) and is this is my new Siamese kitten, Anya. 

Lately I’ve been pretty lonely at home, since my husband has to take the car to work and stays there for most of the day. After some thought and some saving (gotta love newlywed budgets!), we decided to adopt a kitten!

When we went to the Humane Society and saw her there, I knew she was the one I wanted. Her coloring was so beautiful and I couldn’t resist. She keeps me company while I do things at home and I seriously worry about her all the time. I wonder if she’ll be okay being alone for a few hours. I love her a lot, ha ha.
We have bought Anya a blanket, a giant cat scratcher, with levels so she can climb, and tons of toys. And yet, the sink is still her favorite place to cuddle up.

 I would definitely recommend getting a cat. They are very self-sufficient. They lick themselves to stay clean, use their litter box and eat whenever. They still love attention, but can take care of themselves if you’re gone part of the day.
Thanks for letting me share my precious kitten with you!

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Thank you Kaycie, for sharing your story!!

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