Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what a wreck...

 One week after the move and we are still living out of boxes, desperately trying to organize.

 This pile in the bedroom...

 This pile by the front door.
Old houses are bad on closet space, and this place is no exception. We'll work it all out, but right now it seems like it's taking forever.

Meanwhile, Styles and Miyagi have been living exclusively in the kitchen all week because it's the only room that isn't a total wreck. Don't worry guys, we'll get our home situated soon enough!


  1. I hate this part of moving. But you'll get there! <3

  2. I just got married, and my husband and I moved into our first place...I just moved our dirty laundry basket out of the kitchen today....it's crazy how long it takes to get everything organized! But it'll happen eventually right? :]



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