Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dear Indian Food,
I don't usually like you, but you were ok today. I may have to give you another chance.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Next week?? Already?? I don't know if I'm ready for this!

Dear Emmett,
Glad you are slowly getting less and less bite-y. I can't wait til your puppy crazies calm down and you are a lovey sleepy dog!


  1. Hehe gotta love the puppy crazies :)

  2. YOU DON'T LIKE INDIAN FOOD? You are crazy.

  3. Ha, oh man. I love when puppy bitey stage ends. :)


  4. What did you have (for Indian food)? I love it but we only have one Indian restaurant here and the past two times we went there, they would ONLY play Kenny G, which is just... I mean, I love some sweet calming sax as much as anybody, but after awhile it feels like you're trapped in the dentist's office.

  5. I love your letters:) and Thanksgiving is in two days and I still don't believe it!


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