Monday, November 28, 2011

a walk around our town

 It's been unseasonably warm here lately, so last weekend when M and I decided to go get breakfast, we walked to one of our favorite diners. This is the park that is a block and a half from our house. I can't wait to blog more about this park, it has amazing views!

 Walking down this hill to the diner was a lot easier than walking back up it with a belly full of food.

 I love the doors on this store. And the name, Captain Denim? Amazing.

One of our favs, best breakfast in town!


  1. That Captain Denim store is really cool looking. I'd totally be lured in by those doors and name, and come out head to toe in a "Canadian Tuxedo" hahaha

  2. i definitely wouldn't have been able to make it back up that hill! haha. i love the quaint city look you guys live in! we're out in the boonies and i wish we had fun places like this to go visit!


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