Monday, November 12, 2012

Charles Lucas Confectionery grand opening

 Friday night a much-anticipated new bar opened in our little city. We wanted to go check it out, and it looks like everyone else in town had the same idea. It was packed!

 The interior is very steampunkish - industrial era. My favorite touch was the subway tiles behind the bar spelling the name of our city.

For better (read: non-iphone) pictures, and a short history of the place, you should really read this article from All Over Albany. I'm so excited to finally have a classy place to go for drinks in Troy!


  1. If I lived up there I would totally go!! I love the steam-punk NYC vibe!! Very cool!! =) Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for the photos. I look forward to visiting there this week!

  3. I'm very happy for the successful launch of this place. But I really liked going through it with Vic when it was empty. Now i just have to find a time to go when nobody else is there.


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