Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Loving: My new winter coat, and crazily enough, the SUPER early Christmas stuff everywhere. I've totally got the Christmas spirit this year. I've already finished 90% of my Christmas shopping!

Listening: I've been trying to give No Doubt's new album another chance, but there are only 3-4 songs I can even stand listening too.

Reading: Blogs and emails. Hoping to start reading more books now that my sister has given me her old iPad and I can download them right on there.

Watching: Now that October is over, we FINALLY caught up on the Walking Dead and OMG. This season is sooooo much better than last season already!

Thinking about: New ideas for prints for my shop now that I have finally completed ever State!

 Stressing about: Getting over this awful cold I've had for 2 weeks now.

Looking forward to: Seeing our families on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Making me happy: The new lighting fixture we made for my office (photos to come soon, I promise).

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