Monday, January 21, 2013


Loving: Pinning home improvement stuff to Pinterest on my iPad. We are obsessed with getting the house into a condition a bit more appealing to renters.

Listening: Lana Del Rey. I'm late on this wagon, I know.

Reading: Blogs and emails. Still not enough free time to get to any real books.

Watching: I've been catching up on Hulu and Netflix: Portlandia, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, New Girl, Parks & Rec, The Office, Parenthood, Nashville. We still need to catch up with Dexter.

Thinking about: Money. Specifically, how much we will need to spend to fix things around the house.

 Stressing about: Money. See above. Repairing a house is expensive, y'all! Also, the fact that I haven't been making blog posts. It's the middle to end of January guys. I feel so un inspired. 

Looking forward to: I bought tickets for Mike & I to go see Animal Collective in Boston the week after his birthday, so I'm really looking forward to visiting one of my favorite towns again!

Making me happy: 
Planning for repairs and watching them actually start to be completed. Related: dreaming about the next place. We're hoping to fix up our current place, rent it out, and buy a second rental property. (See also: "Stressing About.")


  1. I think you will start posting regularly again when your life feels more in order. Don't stress about it, sounds like the house repairs are enough stress as is!

  2. I'm trying to fix up my place as well and it's hard! There are so many things to think about, but don't forget to enjoy these lil milestones! It will work out! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Wait, where would you live in that case?

    1. Our house is a two family, the ultimate plan is to fix up both apartments, rent them out, and buy another two family to work on/live in.


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