Wednesday, November 25, 2009

epic road trip, shark!

did we tell you the one about the shark? no?

this was our last day in sunny sarasota, so we went to the beach one last time. as we approached the end of the beach we saw this old, concrete pier jutting out into the water. you can't see it in this picture, but to the right there was a cluster of rocks sticking out of waist high water.

there is one thing you need to know about m: he has watched jaws about 500 times, and has a fear of being attacked by sharks. so the whole trip, he wouldn't go in the water past his knees.

m saw this cluster of rocks and thought it would make a nice picture. he told me he was going to wade out and that he wanted me to take a picture of him on the rocks. 'you're really going to go all the way out there?' i aksed.

as we got closer, we noticed there was a couple standing at the water line staring at something. they were the only other people on this section of the beach. m looked out to where they were pointing and said 
'did you see that?!' 
'see what?'
'there's something out there. i just saw a shadow'
we continued to stare at the water and about 20 feet from shore, right where those rocks are we saw a dorsal fin break the water. m's stepmom insisted it was a dolphin, that in 10 years she had never seen a shark on that beach. but the fin was pointy like a shark, not curved like a dolphin.

we continued to watch is swim near the rock, not jumpy and happy like a dolphin, but weaving menacingly like a shark. it broke water again and this time we saw the tail fin too. it was definitely a shark. probably about 6 or 7 feet long. the other couple on the beach confirmed it.

so now, for the rest of my life i will hear m tell the story of how he was going to finally let his guard down, and almost got eaten by a shark :) don't forget our first giveaway! details will be posted on black friday!

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