Saturday, November 21, 2009

this week...

...edited photos
...finished season 3 of Lost
...delivered luggage for some extra cash
...made delicious black bean and turkey chili...m thought it was too bland
...crocheted some handwarmers dreamed about Christmas trees
...stressed about finances
...purchased our fake-because-our-cat-is-allergic-to-the-real-thing Christmas tree
...cooked dinner for m twice (a record!)
...played the new wii sports with the most awesome people on the planet
...finally brewed up some if the cafe du monde coffee and chickory I bought in new orleans

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. your cat is allergic to real trees? poor kitty. all trees or just pine? probably best, maybe he or she won't try to climb it if it's fake. I think cooking twice for my husband in one week is the record for me as well and we've almost been married ten years.

  2. he got really sick last year (goopy, crusty eyes and hacking cough) the vet said it was an allergic reaction to the pine pollen. he was sick for a couple of months after we got rid of the tree too because no matter how much we vacuumed we couldn't get all the pollen out of the carpet :(


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