Friday, December 18, 2009

all i want for christmas...

m pendent by cajajewelry

2010 carnival calendar by urbanpinkphotography 

little owl in a tree by lulubugjewelry

...but this is all i really want for christmas...

ideal twig solitare by bmjnyc

a girl can dream, right?

ps: it's your last chance to enter a giveaway for one item from my etsy shop! scoot on over to an experiment in poverty! hurry!


  1. ooooh, love those - especially the twig ring - gorgeous!!!

  2. I am in love with owls for some reason lately..and I love that little owl!

  3. beautiful rings! maybe you should start hinting more strongly to m... unless he reads your blog regularly, then i'd say that's a pretty strong hint! don't worry, i had to "hint" for 4 years before i got one! and it's worth the wait :)

  4. I love the M necklace. Maybe its because I have been a Miller for about a year now, but I love monograms with my new last name.

    Oh and that ring is just amazing. I hope you get it soon. :)


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