Thursday, December 31, 2009

my decade in review

My Decade in Review
(You should do it too!)

Celebrated the New Year/New Millennium by watching no doubt sing It's The End of the World As We Know It on Mtv. at my parents house. by myself, despite having a "boyfriend"...

I refer to him as "boyfriend" because that night he wasn't with me because he was breaking it off with the girl he two timed me with....classy. I was in my freshman year of college at Emerson in Boston, 18 years old, about to turn 19. I found college to be challenging and easy at the same time. I was completely obsessed with gwen stefani (still). My friend Eric came out to Boston and we saw No Doubt play at a small club in Boston just days after my 19th birthday! I had my first drink at the end of the spring semester: a guinness! I moved back to my parents' house in upstate NY for the summer and returned to Boston in the fall to a new college roommate I couldn't stand.


My second year living in Boston and attending Emerson, I considered changing majors, but tragically didn't. Watched the buildings fall in NYC from the city the planes originated from. Was terrified to stay in my back bay dorm, even more scared to ride the T out to stay at my boyfriend's apartment in brighton. even more scared when he abandoned me at his apartment and fled to his aunt's house on martha's vineyard for days....classy. played a lot of tetris. a LOT.

Finished up school for the year and once again moved back to my parents' house for the summer. worked as a bank teller all summer. Was psyched for the fall when I moved into my first apartment with two of the most awesome girls. we lived in somerville, and it was kind of a hike to emerson.

Finished my senior year at emerson. graduated with a BA in Visual and Media Arts. Decided to move to NYC with my then boyfriend. Spent the summer at my parents' house in upstate NY and worked as a bank teller. Got an internship at Go-Kart Records in NYC. Packed all of my stuff and moved to Brooklyn in a UHaul with 2 dudes and a beta fish. Moved into our 2 floor apartment in Bushwick on troutman st, when bushwick was most definitely still the ghetto. Quit my bank job and interned at Go-Kart full time until I talked my boss into hiring me. Adopted Bert. Took Bert home for thanksgiving on the china town bus.


Continued living and working in Brooklyn. Didn't really like it. wanted to move back to boston. stuck it out. adopted Milo!! Rescued Walter and his sister Lucy from a life on the Brooklyn streets. Made friends in my neighborhood from walking Milo every day. Finally started to like living in Brooklyn.

Status quo with the brooklyn life.


Holy life changes batman! Lost my job. Boyfriend of 8 years broke up with me (yup...that classy guy mentioned above...). Decided to leave Brooklyn and go back to school. Moved Milo, Bert, and Walter to my parents' house upstate. Moped and read self help books all summer long. Dragged myself to my brother's wedding when that was the last place I wanted to be. Decided to give a try. Met a few people who were definitely not worth my time. Went back to school for graphic design. got a job in the grooming department of the local petsmart. got an apartment with random girls I didn't know. Major depression and questioning and crying.


Decided to give one more try. Got an email from M right around my 26th birthday. met M at my favorite local sushi place, which also happened to be his favorite local sushi place. went to the movies with m, and on a bike ride with m. didn't hear from m for a month. in the mean time my sister and i took a trip to atlantic city to see gwen stefani and walk the beach. The day I got back from atlantic city let my roommate talk me into going to see her ex boyfriend's band. who were playing with m's band. we reconnected that night, and never lost touch again. went to the saratoga race track for the first time.

M got into a car accident and had to get stitches in his head. I stayed with him for days to makes sure he was ok. moved in with M in the spring after finishing my associates degree in graphic design. got a job as a bank teller. again. adopted styles. threw an awesome halloween party with m. adopted miyagi.

Got a job at a flooring warehouse. Got a job at an internet company. spent chunks of the summer at the lake. went on  my first road trip. saw the US south of new jersey for the first time. walked the beach. met m's dad. saw two awesome friends get married. talked about serious things. feeling more optimistic and loved than ever. my first nephew was born just under the wire at 10:24pm on december 29!


  1. I love this post so much. I hope this new year's eve is the best one yet for you. I have a feeling it might be.

  2. What a decade! I hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  3. loved this! love your little blog!

  4. cool idea!
    made me think about the last 10 years!

  5. ten years is so long...but so fast! i should do this...


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