Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Always be prepared...

 ...aka making lemonade out of lemons. Our friend Kelly who moved to Brooklyn came up this past weekend and wanted to go to the track. We were happy to take her. We went on Sunday. It was a giveaway day. We arrived before the gates even opened in order to snag a picnic table. But once we were inside, we saw that there was literally not one single picnic table that hadn't already been "claimed" by someone else. We hadn't even brought folding chairs with us, just a cooler. We were pretty much screwed.

Until...we realized that the giveaway was for stadium blankets, and with our 3 admission tickets, we could each snag one. So M guarded our encampment and Kelly and I went to the top of the stretch to wait in line with the zealots and get some blankets to sit on.

 Kelly is obviously more psyched about this than M.

 Still needing to sleep off a long night, M decides to make use of our new blankets. 

 Once he woke up from his shot nap, he realized blankets and a cooler wouldn't cut it. So he called his Aunt who was going to meet us there and asked her to bring a folding table. We went back to the gate to wait for her, and rented a few folding chairs along the way.

With a table and chairs secured, the day immediately improved. Lesson learned: always have a table and chairs stashed in your trunk when you head to the track. Just in case.

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