Monday, August 20, 2012

Bennington antiques

 Yesterday M and I woke up and decided to take a little morning trip to Bennington Vermont before tackling our to-do list for the day. M had driven by this antique shop that he wanted to check out, so off we went! This vintage cat clock was awesome and we would have totally bought it if it hadn't been missing it's eyes and half of it's whiskers.

 I thought these salt and pepper shakers kinda looked like Emmett.

I audibly gasped when I came across this booth with vintage phones. M and I are on the hunt for one to decorate our kitchen. These were a little too pricey for us because they are refurbished and in working condition. We don't need one that works, just one that will look cool hanging on the wall. We almost bought the orange one, but ended up walking away. The hunt continues!

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  1. Wow! I am in love with that cat clock! It's so unique! I have never even thought that there were stores that actually sold antiques. I always thought that you had to go to a swap meet or pawn shop. I have been going to Gainesville pawn shops for years and they always have the cutest little antiques. Thanks for your pictures!


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