Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bike Ride

 I basically gave up biking two summers ago because the vintage road bike I had was just the wrong bike for me. It really irritated my back problems, so instead of switching out some things, I just gave it up all together. Until this summer when M made a quest of finding me a nice cruiser style bike that wouldn't irritate my back problems. We went to a Salvation Army, and there was one bike in the place. This 1980 Schwinn World Tourist. I loved it from the minute I saw it and couldn't wait to get it tuned up and on a bike path.

 This weekend we took it on it's maiden voyage to see if it would be better for my back. After 12 miles, my back was fine! But my knees were killing me.

 It was so worth it to be able to take in beautiful views like this one.

 I no longer have shame in riding a cruiser instead of a road bike. In fact, I'm going all out. I bought a basket for the handle bars and a bigger, padded saddle to replace the worn out saddle that's on it right now. I'm going to be riding in luxury all fall.

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  1. I ride a hybrid now (also a Schwinn - really, nothing compares), but I rode a cruiser for years and loved it! I even kept the basket and now it's on the back of my hybrid. Everyone should have a basket on their bike!


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