Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emmett's First Birthday Party

 For Emmett's first birthday, his doggy daycamp, Happy Paws on Pawling planned a great party for him!

 This is one of Emmett's daycamp buddies Dallas. He's half puggle and half bulldog. He and 3 other dogs were coming along with us on Emmett's special birthday hike.

 So happy!

Time for the off-leash hike!

 The birthday hike gang take a break near the waterfall.

 Emmett's birthday card, signed by all his doggy daycamp friends!

Getting some birthday treats.
We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful place for Emmett to go burn off his energy a couple of times a week. Thank you so much for the great birthday party!


  1. That birthday card is the cutest thing ever!
    Looks liked Emmett has a great doggie daycamp :)

  2. Beautiful birthday card! I like the idea really.

  3. That is the best doggy daycare ever! What a lucky pooch. :)

  4. This killed me. So adorable! I bet those people love their jobs.

  5. Thanks for coming and being a part of his daycamp party! It is always so much nicer when the parents can come! Not always an easy thing to pull off! Emmett is a very important pack member! We enjoy him a great deal! Thanks for putting us on your awesome blog!

  6. : ) this makes us so happy to see!


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