Monday, September 17, 2012

Up all night

I was so excited this summer when my favorite blogger friend Beca told me that they would be going through my area after Renegade Chicago. M & I tried to brainstorm the best place to take them to dinner, cool places we thought they would enjoy seeing. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do any of those things but I'm so happy that we were able to spend the time together that we did!

Beca and Doug rode in after 11pm on Tuesday night, tired from their long day of driving but totally willing to hang out. We made a fire in our fire pit and hung out chatting until the fire died down. I think it was 3:30am before we finally gave in to sleep, but I wish we could have hung out for days!

M snapped this photo of Beca and me at 8am as I left for work and Beca and Doug continued their rode trip. Can you believe two bloggers hung out all night long and only took ONE picture? Yeah, me neither. But this will not be the last time we hang out! Maybe we'll see each other this spring, or maybe M and I will need to plan a road trip back down south soon, and we'll take a million pictures of the fun adventures we have together. See you guys soon!

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  1. Aww I love Beca's blog! And glasses. Lucky you!


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