Friday, January 15, 2010

epic road trip, a little more nola

harrah's casino...where we lost a little more money than we should have...

t-rex on the mississippi!

my favorite fish in the aquarium

what, just makin funny faces in the rainforest.


ps: last call to enter to win a handbound journal/sketchbook by rainbowwrangleryou have until 11:59pm tonight!


  1. I love the photo of the piranhas.

  2. that is MOST DEFINITELY an epic road trip.
    i love the t-rex!!

  3. ok, just left before doing my WV, so here goes again.

    1. your face isn't really saying "hurrah!" in the hurrah shot and it cracks me up

    2. love the t.rex

    3. love the other shot of you in the rainforest, super cute.

    4. luv the little peekaboo fish

    5. fuck a damn pirahna

  4. I've been looking through your blog and your pictures are all so pretty. I wish I could get my colors and cross processing to look that good!

    Also, I read your comment on Micaela's blog about driving alone so you can sing as loud as you want. I love doing that too, and my current singing has been to You Say Party! We Say Die! and I'm sure I sound terrible!

  5. I just wanted to say hello and that i'm honoured to be nominated with you (on shrimp salad circus-i'm in the food category). you have a great blog! i love all your photos! have a creative day :)


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