Sunday, January 17, 2010

windshield diaries very first blog award

I'm very honored that Courtney at Just A Little Mishap has honored us with our first blog award!

Rules: List ten things that makes you happy and do one of them today. Oh. And remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass this little bit of love on to 10 others.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy
1. Miyagi's eager face waiting for me to give him attention every time I enter the room.
2. Getting Crafty!
3. ...chocolate. I haven't had any chocolate since January 1st. It's been torture!
4. car rides with M
5. finally seeing Severe Severe play a show after a long hiatus.
6. singing in the car
7. the feeling you get when you leave work for the day and know that the night is yours and holds endless possibilities.
8. the way I feel after a hard workout at the gym.
9. seeing the numbers on the scale decrease.
10. most of all, this guy

The following lovely ladies are a few of my favorites! I'm tagging them, and YOU should go check out their blogs.

(If I didn't tag you, I'd still LOVE to hear what makes you happy in the comments)

Sherri at The Claw
Kirkland at JERKcake
Danielle at Dinosaur Toes


  1. awwww, thanks so much and love your list. I will definitely compile and complete my list tomorrow, actually have plans for a change tonight. not involving me and the computer. THANK YOU! and I can't beleive this is only your first blog award, that is cuh-razy, congrats!

  2. Thank you so much for the award - this is what's making ME happy:) You are so sweet.

    And no chocolate since Jan 1? Wow! Impressive!

  3. Hey! congrats. Just found your blog. I totally agree with the 'how I feel after a hard workout' thing. If only I could remember that feeling always (especially when I need to GO for a hard workout). Lovely blog m'dear.

  4. whoa thanks!!!! i just blasted you with two awards!!! look at my blog for details!

  5. No chocolate since January 1st??? Why, why, why?????

    Thanks for the list- loved it :)

  6. I am totally goofy and keep trying to leave a comment and screw it up every time. Anyhow.

    THANK YOU so MUCH! Can't believe this is your first award, you deserve many accolades my dear!

    Doing my post now and can't wait to check out these other blogs on your list.

  7. thank you so much!!!! you are too sweet.. :) i have never received a blog award before!

    & love your list! especially number one ;)


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