Saturday, January 2, 2010

this week...

...spending that Xmas cash
...getting depressed when the wii fit assessed my health
...wii, wii, and more wii
...gym. hardcore.
...wii fit
...woken up with a 6am text that my sister in law's water broke
...anxiously tried to make it through the work day, but left a half hour early
...hung out in the hospital waiting room with my mom and sister for a few hours nephew Cyle was born December 29 at 10:24pm
...low key new years eve at a friends house
...diner breakfast
...lounging. lots of new years day lounging. aka recovery.

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. tell me how you like the wii fit. may have to splurge on one.

  2. Thank you SO much for that sweet comment! it made my day!! i was sure i would just be writing for myself for months before i got a follower!! haha. i absolutely ADORE your art and etsy store!
    (can't wait to see where your car will take you and how the wii fit works!!)

  3. Thanks for following me :) I've been enjoying looking through your blogs.

    Made me laugh about the wii fit - I refuse to step onto it. I don't want to be weighed and I certainly don't like how it tells me I have the fitness of a 50 year old! Surely I'm not that bad!? The thing that really makes me laugh is that when my husband uses it, messages sometimes pop up saying things such as, "Have you seen Rebecca lately? She's slacking on the exercise!" What a cheeky machine!! Not good for one's self-esteem ;)


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