Monday, April 11, 2011

april sponsors giveaway

Hi ya'll. Beca here from Tumbleweeds Odd Shop and the blog, Tales of a Tumbleweed. I wanted to share a little about us for this giveaway we're doing on the lovely Crystal's blog. I'm 25 years old and live in beautiful southern California with my boyfriend Doug (the other half of the Tumbleweeds shop) and our brood of four legged children. I am a pastry chef, working part time in a Jewish Deli/Bakery and Doug builds high-end custom furniture, to pay our bills and feed our pups. We just so happen to live and breathe our little shop though, and have high hopes of "quitting our day job" and taking on this endeavor full time. In our free time we scour the coast for estate sales and flea markets, ride bikes, go to the beach, make videos, take lots of photos and eat lots of pizza along the way.

We've had this shop open for almost 7 months and although we are new to the world of online selling, we are having a blast learning all about it. Albeit, we have been making and selling functional art and oddities for years, in the real world. I love finding treasures and being able to share them with people who wouldn't otherwise know that it existed. I like restoring items for posterity, and discovering a piece of history. As for the leather crafting we do, it's important to us as artists to not waste ANYTHING. We find these beautiful scraps of suede and leather that would otherwise be thrown away, and turn them into something beautiful, functional, and unique. Inspiration is everywhere, from our memories, to what we find on the internet, from our friends and family, to the colors of the seasons.

Just as inspiration is everywhere we go, it's also in what we watch, read, listen to. It is rare that we don't have music playing or a movie going in our house. We are quite the eclectic duo, and Doug's iPod definitely reflects it. Currently frequenting the playlists are Kanye West's new album, Chris Hall and the Vicious Harpes, Loretta Lynn, Wu-Tang, Isaiah Toothtaker, Low, Jenny Lewis, Camera Obscura...just to name a few. We're also huge TV nerds, and can quote almost any episode of South Park, we love Dead Like Me, House, Kingdom Hospital, The Daily Show, Pushing Daisies. As you can tell, we are NOT TV snobs!! And if you're anything like me, you love checking out new blogs. Some that I frequent (besides the pretty wonderful bleubird vintage-red velvet-freckled nest-sometimes sweet blog-royalty) are Just About Anywhere, The Dainty Squid, Dinosaur Toes, I Go By Katie, My Little Artichoke, and Cakies. I think I follow like a million other blogs, but those are my favorites right now. I find inspiration constantly by the insanely productive and motivated ladies who write these blogs and admire each of them for what they have done for themselves and their families. I also think it's really wonderful to read the business-in-bloom type blogs, like Walk With Me, Darling, who are still defining their business and their craft and really taking leaps and bounds to reach their goals. It's really inspiring.

I am so excited to do do this giveaway on Windshield Diaries. We have been having so much fun creating unique designs for our "Bows and Arrows" jewelery collection. The collection is based off of a family love for archery, the rustic look of vintage arrows and the modern take on feminine bows, which are my favorite right now. We're happy to giveaway this beautiful braided arrow wristlet that attaches with a pretty bow. It is loose enough to wear low on your wrist, but will not fall off or get in the way. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. Not only that, but it made from 100% repurposed suede and hand crafted, making it one of a kind. And as always, our giveaways are open to international friends."

 * * * * * * *

Oh hey readers! I am Kristin, an old soul at 25. You can catch my writings over at time won't wait for me (!

I am a full time pediatric critical care nurse, part time tour widow, casual jewelry maker and lover of everything old. I am known to do the robot when excited and am eternally getting myself into awkward situations. I don't consider myself a cup half full kind of girl, my damn cup started overflowing years ago.

I am a registered nurse and have been for going on three years. I have always worked in the pediatric ICU meaning I take care of the sickest kids ages newborn (babies who have already gone home after birth) to twenty two. I was made to be a nurse and have known that for a long time. I consider myself extremely lucky to be allowed into the lives of these families in what is most often their darkest times. My goal is to be their light and support to the best of my abilities. I can't imagine a life in which I don't take care of children and their families. I have recently started living out my life dream of mission nursing and you can read more about that at my other blog ( I am leaving everything I
know in May in order to give of myself completely. I am moving to Guwahati, India to volunteer long term with a NGO called Operation Smile and am excited beyond words. And because I know you were
wondering, I did do the robot when I found out. I was so happy!

"There is not a single moment in life where man cannot serve."-Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi is my absolute inspiration. He dedicated his life to the betterment of his country and I admire him so much. Working with other health care professionals who have centered their lives around humanitarian work pushed me to take the plunge and follow that calling.
A band with good lyrics will always pull me in emotionally. I have been known to get lost in the words of: The National, William Fitzsimmons, Florence + The Machine, mewithoutYou, Have Heart,
Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Mastodon, Death Cab, Mumford & Sons, and Orchid. Oh and switching to an electric toothbrush was the best decision I made in 2010.

When I was three years old I made my first attempt at running away from my home. I made it all the way to the other side of the apartment complex, quite a trek for a toddler. It was then that my parents knew my wings could never be pinned down. The thought of being a flightless bird still scares me more than the thought of field full of those huge spiders from Harry Potter...

* * * * * * *

Now for the giveaway details!

Beca is giving away this super CUTE bracelet. She sent me a similar one a few weeks ago and I love it!

If you win this giveaway, not only do you get that cute bracelet, but Kristin is giving you a choice of the following necklaces as well!

How To Enter:
1. You must be a follower of Windshield Diaries to qualify.
2. Comment on this post and tell us where you would wear your bracelet & necklace if you won!
(please be sure to leave an email address is your comment so that we can get in touch with the lucky winner!)

For Bonus Entries:
-Tweet about the giveaway (be sure to include @capowcapow in your tweet so that I can find it) then leave a comment telling us you tweeted.
-Like Windshield Diaries on facebook, then leave a comment telling us you liked us!
-Follow Beca and Kristin's blogs, then come back and leave a comment telling us you did it!

Entries will be accepted until Saturday, April 16, 11:59pm Eastern Time

One winner will be chosen (via!


  1. I want!!! To answer the question: where WOULDN'T I wear my fab bracelet and necklace? I'm in dire need of some lovely spring accessories, and these would be the perfect start :)

  2. Hey!
    I follow you already :)
    And follow Kristin as well from a while now..
    The Bracelet and Necklace aer awesomely cute..
    I guess I would want the first necklace, the key one and wear it on a date! (I'm soo obsessed with keys <3) and the bracelet, I think on a hangout with friends or maybe ALL the time :)

  3. I'm sorry I forgot to leave me email address in the previous comments..
    It is

  4. I am a follower. :) I think I'd wear the bracelet out and about shopping with my girlfriends. And the necklace I would wear out on a date with my boyfriend.

    My email is

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I'd wear the necklace and bracelet to the wedding we are attending in a couple of months! I already have the dress, and they'd go just right!

  6. I follow Beca and Kristin's blogs

  7. tweeted it too (@pixie_polly)

  8. Awhh! This jewelry is adorable!! I would wear it to Disney World on my senior trip! email: lazyexplorers(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. I'm a follower! Those necklaces are adorable! So is the bracelet; I love bows!

    Hmmm.... Where oh where would I wear them? Probably work, cause I'm there way too often!

  10. im a follower , i would wear these on a date with my boyfriend they are so cute love the bracelet!

  11. That bracelet is adorable and I love love love the key necklace with the little green stone! I would probably wear that bracelet just about every day... Actually I might not take it off (other than to shower, tmi?) and the necklace would probably also become a serious staple in my wardrobe! I love keys, especially interesting ones and I don't have much jewelry!
    I'm crossing my fingers that I win =)

  12. I would wear them everywhere! Super cute...
    and I bet I would get a million compliments at work!

  13. I just liked Windshield Diaries on FB!

  14. I'd probably wear the bracelet on a regular basis. I LOVE bows! & I'd probably wear the necklace to match a spring outfit!


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