Saturday, April 23, 2011

This week...

...diner breakfast with M
...BBQ to honor one of the coolest chicks on the planet!
...baked some killer cookies
...hung out with the old work girls
...ladies packing & box wine night.
...lunch out with M
...listened to M learn Nintendo songs on the guitar.
...drew, drew, drew!

PS: Still looking for a few sponsors for May. This may be the last month I offer spots for free, so get one while you can

Email me for details: windshielddiaries at gmail dot com


  1. looks like a lovely week!! i'd love to be a sponsor, what size does image need to be? :)

  2. Thanks Mary!
    The image size is 180x150 :)

  3. Diner brunch! Yum, I want. I could go for some French toast...

  4. i don't see my button anymore sooooo if you have room and would like to have me again, i would be ecstatic! :)

  5. For realsies, I was like "Ooh, the bbq sounds fun! I wonder who it was for?!" Derz. You flatter me!


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