Saturday, April 2, 2011

This week... my hair cut. It needed it!
...getting impatient for dress weather. Internet went down, freakout ensued.
..,house Internet came back up, status quo resumed.
...helped M unload the band's gear from his van into the practice space. That stuff is heavy!
...had some hang time with one of my favorite friends.
...went to an acoustic open mic night at a bar downtown...would have been really bored if M & I hadn't agreed on how ridiculous it was.
...left a thrift store empty handed. Thrifting around here is hit or miss...mostly miss.
...happy hour with two of my favorite ladies!


  1. Wooo.. sounds like a super crazy week. Hope you're having some downtime this weekend.


  2. i love having someone to agree on silly things, it makes like so much more wonderful! :)


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