Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long Trail Brewery

 So one sunday we kind of drove 3 hours to get a beer. We were greeted by this dude when we finally made it to the Long Trail Brewery in Vermont.

 There was this cool map by the bar where visitors are asked to stick a pin in the town they are from. Unfortunately, there were already so many pins in Upstate NY that there was no room for us to add a new one!

 M had their Imperial Pumpkin on tap, which made it to our top 5 pumpkin beers of 2012. I was a bit pumpkined out, so I tried their Good Night Irene Brown Ale. Good Night Irene Ale was brewed to benefit the victims of hurricane Irene in Vermont. Over a year later, the devastation was still apparent n the area surrounding the Long Trail brewery, so I was happy to buy a pint and help contribute to the cause.


  1. I love maps with pins. I'd do it if I could think of a system that's personal to me. I haven't been that many places though...hmmm


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