Monday, October 8, 2012

the NEW Scotia diner

 The Scotia Diner recently sold their original location to a development company who tore down the old diner and are now building 'luxury apartments' on Mohawk Ave. You can read our review of the original place here.

We were sad to see the charm of the old building push away by bulldozers, but we're happy that the owners took the money they received from selling their old location and moved across the street and up half a block to the building where the old KEM Cleaners used to be.

Walking through the doors, it's apparent that the owners are trying to re-capture the vintage charm of the last place. It's fun in a kitschy, less authentic way. And they have much more space in their new location.

 The new coffee cups and plates are reto and cute, and thankfully the coffee is just as good as it was back in the old place.

 We were happy to spot a rarity in our table's jelly caddy: APPLE JELLY!

 With the new location, the food has improved a little bit too. The eggs were cooked perfectly, not slimy as M complained last time. The homefries were bland and unseasoned, but cooked well and were the right texture.

The french toast definitely kicked it up a notch. Despite only offering 'Pancake Syrup' and no real syrup upgrade, the french toast was cooked perfectly and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. We look forward to bringing M's mom back here for many breakfasts to come.


  1. Scotia diner looks like a blast!

  2. I love seeing places like this that try to separate themselves from the stock standard, generic eateries we're so used to seeing.


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